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Default Re: A Positive Review of Airstream Interstate

Originally Posted by RickL View Post
We checked out an Airstream Sprinter and we both agreed that the quality of the conversion was not very good. Some people really like them, though!

Rick L
We purchased a 2007 Airstream Interstate. We paid significantly less than Mark's figure however still a significant amount and think it was worth every cent. One unmentioned fact is that Airstream uses non-toxic materials in construction. We both nearly died of asphyxiation when viewing a brand-new conversion of another brand on a hot day. We have had very few issues with our Interstate and the ones that occurred where handled by Airstream without question. We owned an RV from a brand, I will leave unnamed, that was nothing but problems. Not only was that manufacturer difficult to deal with but the dealer wasn't much help either. Our Airstream warranty issues have been handled by our nearest dealer, George Sutton RV in Eugene, like we purchased it there. Everyone that sees our Interstate have nothing but great things to say about its appearance. After nearly three years of use we feel very satisfied with the quality of construction and the materials and components used in its construction. I wouldn't even consider purchasing anything but another Airstream in the future.
Ashland, OR
2007 Airstream Interstate
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Default Re: A Positive Review of Airstream Interstate


Like u, we love our 2007 Airstream Interstate which we bought used (12K miles) last September. It's not "perfect" for sure but the workmanship is good and Airstream is very helpful in tech support. We've taken several 3-4 day trips to parks in Texas and took it for a 10 trip to Boca Raton, Fl. with hardly any problems (did develop a gray water leak- not major and was able-with help from our Forum buddys to repair myself when we returned home.

We're so confident in the dependability of our Airstream Interstate that T1N1 that our next "long" trip will be from Houston (our home) to Anchorage, Alaska via Yellowstone which we'll begin in mid May 2011. Forecast putting 10K+ miles on over the 8 weeks we'll be on the road.

I'm already gearing up with a spare parts inventory...serpentine belt, air/oil filters, turbo resonator (already replaced once by the previous owner) , 2x 5 gallon diesel containers, tools etc. etc. We're really looking forward to this adventure.
Good Luck,


We really enjoy this vehicle
Dan Ferguson
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Default Re: A Positive Review of Airstream Interstate


I've driven the Alaska and the Cassiar a few times each, most recently the Alaska Hwy. in April of 2010 when I brought our new Interstate home to Anchorage from Eugene OR. I'm not sure about tank capacity or mileage on your 2007 but on ours the tank is 25 gal. so at 18 mpg I have 450 miles of range on a full tank. If yours is anything like this for tank and consumption you should never come close to running out of fuel before you find a place to fill. But, if you run during the late hours it's a good idea to run off the top of the tank. FWIW, I'd leave the extra cans home and give yourself more room for other gear.

Enjoy your trip north,
- Wayne
2010 Airstream Interstate (Twin Bed) on 2008 Freightliner 3500 170"/Tall/White
OM642 Engine~36K miles
Also, 2001 VW Eurovan Camper (Winnebago conversion)~70K miles
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