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Default EFI service - New Orleans


I came here for other questions, but I might as well recommend that little familly owned shop in New Orleans : EFI Service.


EFI Services, Inc.
5720 Heebe St.
New Orleans, LA 70123

I had my sprinter serviced there several time. Got a Resonator changed, work on the AC. It was always done in a timely and professional manner.
Price were what I was seing on the market.

The "sprinter guys" of the shop is young, but he recently proved itself to me with a Turbo issues dignose. I had to leave town for a while, just had a "weak power" incident.
He diagnosed the begginning of a worn out turbo, and offered to change it ( market price )

I declined because I knew that turbo issue can be a lot of things, including not the turbo itself at all.

On the way I had that turbo checked several time, including by "internet approved" sprinter mechanics... the turbo was indeed starting to worn out.

Anyhoo, I recommend that place. It's 15min outside of NOLA.

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