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Default Re: Photos

Originally Posted by Altered Sprinter View Post
Hi Guys
Thanks for the info! I think I have it right please advise ????
ten photos smileys per post no more limit at the uper-end of the scale.
OK, but if I go to another thread the 10 photos become available again untill I reach the max file size on that thread?
IS this right? or am I getting it wrong, sorry if I am ! but heck, we live down under, so the blood is thin when you walk around in the air all day
I changed a few things to hopefully help with the bandwidth for the long term. It's not like we have a lack of bandwidth now, so we can change it to the maximum if need be.

Attachments per post: 5 max (can be changed to "no limit")
Attachments Upload from computer: 5 max (can be changed to max 10)
Attachments Upload from URL: 1 max (can be changed to max 10)

You're correct Richard. If you have 10 pictures (files) to upload, you will have to split them up into two posts.

Originally Posted by Altered Sprinter View Post
The clickable thumbprint photo below is image shack
this saves the server bandwidth and you can place as many as you wish on the same thread, as persay this thread.
There is a method of wraping url tags around the photo for it to appear in a compleate 640 by 480! But I can't work it out.
I think having images on another server is a great idea except for the technical section. Pictures that reside on servers for sections labeled Accessories, OEM Info, Issues, and Solutions would be useless when the link becomes dead or the server no longer exist. I can go through a number of threads, click their links, and go to a page that doesn't exist.

Eventually, I will start collecting information to store in the Wiki section and link them in the Forum. That way we have information that is more controllable.

Here's one method to shrink picture sizes, except this goes within the href tags, and it doesn't shrink the file size itself.

<img src="picture.jpg" alt="picture" align="middle" border="0" height="480" hspace="0" vspace="0" width="640">

Shrinking the picture (pixel) size will most certainly shrink the file size to save on disk space and bandwidth.

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Default Re: Photos

Hi Zach:

Originally Posted by Zach Woods View Post
On your question concerning limiting picture dimensions: my vote is to not add a dimensions limit.
In this thread...


...I have the width maxed at 640 and nothing set on the height. I uploaded a picture that was 1280Wx480H and vBulletin shrinks it automatically to the confines of a 640 width. The height was changed automatically to keep the picture ratio WxH the same.

This would be the same if we inserted a taller than wider picture and set the height to 480. The ratio WxH will stay the same except the image will be confined to the 480 height restriction.

We can go with this to make things a little bit more readable. I think by putting the limits on uploading quantity and file size, the server should be okay at resizing the image.

I'll make the restriction only on the width (now 640) that way when there are 8.5x11 papersized pictures it'll still be legible and not shrunk down to the max height of 480.


ps. The feature is not retroactive.
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Thumbs up Re: Photos

OK Guys thanks now I have all the info I need
Great no more downloading image shack ! I know how to de-pixilize and get the bigger pics in
I'll get busy busy this week end or early next week and start printing about the new 2007 Sprinter you guys will have sooner or latter
Just ask Altered not DR Z
He knows nothing:D

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Arrow Re: Photos

You guys are more cpu savvy than I. I usually resize on my cpu with photo shop software & then upload the resized pic. It's a little bit of work sometimes, particularly with multiple photos, but yields the advantages of trimming out unwanted parts, smearing license plates, stuff like that. I even go smaller, like 480X320. Also, although I have not personally used image shack, I do notice that they are ad/pop-up layden . I use photobucket and so far have been able to keep my account free. Pretty easy to use, heck I fugured it out;) !

Hope all you turkeys had a good day today !
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