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Default Re: Replacing relay

Originally Posted by Kiltym View Post
Yes, this is another one as well that I believe would work OK: https://www.colemanair.us/vp_asp/scr...exd.asp?id=718

Specs: https://www.ametekswitch.com/product...e-solenoid-sbd

The company above lists it incorrectly as DPST, according to Ametek, it is SPDT which is what is needed.
You get what you pay for. This relay, although as I recall meets electrical specs of the original but is obviously cheaply constructed and difficult to connect big cables to. I suggest the one that I installed but required rework of the common copper bar and mounting holes:

Also keep in mind that most solenoids are not made for continuous duty (i.e., ok when you turn the starter key but not for holding a long time). Our Westy relays are energized when engine runs. (I ran an additional wire pair from coil minus to ground, to the AC roof rocker switch and used a double-pole switch to keep the relay energized only when the AC was switched on when engine runs).

Also on some relays, the contact current differs at some terminals. Remember to use a reversed diode on the coil if not built in and a series diode to lower the coil voltage to 12 volts as in the above relay case where the manufacturer warns about over voltage (likely shortens life).

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