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Robert Foster
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Default Re: Sliding Door Lower Mechanism Replacement

Yes, you can definitely replace the center roller arm without touching the upper or lower roller arm. it's a simple process. I did it myself successfully, but unfortunately had ordered a roller arm that was a cheap Chinese knock off and not a genuine MB part, so it didn't last.

I don't know that it's conclusive, but my experience now with having ordered two center roller arms, one upper roller arm and one lower roller arm is that the genuine MB parts seem to be a silver colored metal while the Chinese knock offs seem to be gold colored metal. It might not matter as much if it;s genuine MB of Chinese knock off on the upper and lower arms as they experience different loading than the all important center roller arm.

Originally Posted by Wasaabi View Post
Thank you for a great write up. My middle roller needs replacement. Can anyone here confirm if I can replace it while leaving the others intact such that I would only have to adjust this one new roller? Iím trying to figure out my odds of getting away with a relatively simple DIY repair using a new genuine part. Thanks.
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Mr. Tommaco
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Default Re: Sliding Door Lower Mechanism Replacement

After my door was adjusted perfectly by the pros I found the door lock wires were crushed behind the middle roller. I very carefully marked the washer and the tab, loosened it up, got the wires out and set it back to the marks. It worked! It would be worth a try. That's what I did before giving up and sending it to the pros for a 2 hour? adjustment session. Best replace the top roller at the same time.
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