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144" 4x4 arriving 3/2018
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Default Re: 4x4 in snow, not my favorite vehicle.

Hey IPT, I'm in Anchorage and it was probably this same snow that was the first test in my van. I knew it would be a learning curve and lousy since it's empty with stock tires and I felt the disappointment as well. I have a hill for a driveway and had to back up a few times to build speed to get out with a good foot of fresh snow. I think weight is going to be the best thing to get some improvement especially with how many times the rear slips under power....gotta get this thing built!
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Default Re: 4x4 in snow, not my favorite vehicle.

Thought I would add a few thoughts on this after my first experience in the snow with my 2017 144 4x4 Crew this past Saturday. The van isn't built out yet and was basically empty in the back. The Tahoe region got hammered with a few big storms, and on my way out of town the main interstate closed. That meant I had to take some smaller highways north and west, which would normally be a three hour trip. It took six. These are twisty mountain roads with quite a bit of elevation change. At times there was 8-10 inches of unplowed snow on the road, other times hardpacked ice. There were cars stuck all over the place. At one point there were about 60 mph winds, blowing snow and boulders falling on the road. Quite an exciting trip.

In short, the Sprinter handled it all very well. I'm running Cooper ST/Maxx, which I aired down to 45 psi. I only felt it slide once, and that's when I got on the power to see how much traction was available. Other than that, I can't think of a single issue. Rock solid, even up and over some big grades. After reading this thread I was a bit hesitant on my way up to Tahoe. After the trip, I'm left wondering why people are having issues. I can't help but think it's tire/psi related, because at this point I think I'd prefer taking the Sprinter on a snow trip over my F150.
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Default Re: 4x4 in snow, not my favorite vehicle.

i am loving my Sprinter 4x4 in the snow and wet weather. ive had it in deep snow during storms, and it feels like driving a tank. factory tires. have had it in 2 wd and 4 wd during the same storm event, it definitely makes a difference!

no matter which tires you have, and be it 2wd or 4wd, make sure the tires are closer to new than old, and do everything slooowly in the snow. I have always felt like i have control of the van. if it feels like you dont have control...you dont...

the Sprinter handles great in the snow. if you are looking to win a race however in winter conditions in a Sprinter, prepare to be disappointed.
2017 144" WB Low Roof 4x4 ("Van Haley")
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