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Default Re: PAV Adventure 4x4 Build

I bought my upper rear wall vent here: https://www.etrailer.com/Enclosed-Tr...line/9106.html
I have this portal with bug screen mounted in the floor: https://beckson.com/ports.html
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Default Re: PAV Adventure 4x4 Build

Hi, great van!

i will copy probably your bed design, couse it fits my needs as well. Just what i will change are the panels - i will weld structure from small steel profiles on long side and angle on short side which will be sitting on square support beams.
another improvment i took from beartooth van works. - the first and second panel will switch into couch mode. This fits my needs of heaving big storage, permament one person sleeping option with place to sit for jobtime on projects, and quite simple double-bed mode for travelling with a girl.

i am not an specialist, but what i'm wandering about electrical system, and what i saw in many conversions on blogs out there is battery main switch. I'm planning to improve my electrical system of solar panels soon, and also planning to install some safety switches, but... as far as i know, every mppt manual says, that you are connecting solar panel as last. it is like that because you will burn your mppt without connection with battery, when panel is charging.

So now it can be opposite situation, everything installed.. you smell something (for example to thin cable warming up) and you are scared, so first what you do you're switching of the batteries... and now you couse even more damage couse you're solar is burning your mppt.

What is your opinion? Am i right or wrong with this worst-case scenario? For me it looks like the real main safety switch need to disconnect in the same time the solar panels before mppt as well...
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Default Re: PAV Adventure 4x4 Build

Hi Przemo,

My MPPT manual did indeed have the same warnings about hooking up the battery first. In general that is what I have done but over time as I have added things and modified the system I have disconnected the battery but not the panel for short periods of time. The controller still works fine. I also hot switch my controller between my two battery banks from time to time.

To address your concern you could just add a fuse between the panel and the controller, so you can pull the fuse before disconnecting the battery. My Manual does recommend this fuse, though I do not remember for sure if I did it. My electrical diagram is a little out of date now.

That Beartooth design does look nice. The fold down 2 panels was my original concept too but it was not as obvious how to implement it once I had my bed system built. Anything is possible with enough engineering effort. I'm pretty happy with my box - to single seat - to bench seat conversion with just a few extra parts. Good luck on the seat / bed....it's a crux for sure
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Default Re: PAV Adventure 4x4 Build

Espar D2 errors, exhaust refinements, maintenance, and Kerosene

I had some instances of the D2 erroring out (I have Easy Start Select). In extreme cold conditions, it happened once the day before then 3 times in a row the next day. No heat is a trip ending event in these temperatures. Finally, I got it working that night by closing all vents and running it really low. The next morning, I could hear it cutting out and on in the burner. There was not much smoke though.

I did extensive research (that evening), and concluded that there was a high probability that the exhaust was clogged. There was not much smoke which pointed away from carbon buildup on atomizer or clogged fuel filter. I did however resolve myself to tear the D2 apart and do the maintenance.

To continue the trip I pulled the exhaust off the muffler and skipping both the muffler and the long run of exhaust pipe to the other side of the van. I also noticed that there was black water dripping from a low spot….a big clue. After pulling the exhaust off the muffler, it ran fine for days (see picture).


After getting home, I did a few things. I tore apart the heater (see picture), replaced the atomizer screen, cleaned out the carbon, and replaced the fuel filter. The atomizer screen and vent were not that carboned up, so these were not the problems. I tried to do a maintenance procedure that involved leaving the heater in the van but broke the glow plug (see picture) due to lack of clearance with the battery so close…..$125 mistake. Taking the heater out for the maintenance was a better method for my particular case.

These videos helpful:

Exhuast improvements - Likely the real problem/fix

On the exhaust, I went ahead and drilled holes in the obvious low spots. I created a second exaggerated low spot to be sure it drained well. I also turned the muffler to flat instead of vertical (there is a bend inside the muffler so it could fill with water and block, see picture). I think condensation in the long exhaust was the issue but time will tell if it is fixed…..need a string of ~-20C van camping days to test and be sure.

3 way valve for Kerosene

I also added a 3 way valve in front of the pump (see picture), so I can easily plumb in Kerosene every once in a while to help clean out any carbon.

Attached Images
File Type: jpg exhuast issues.jpg (85.7 KB, 84 views)
File Type: jpg muffler vertical then turned horizontal.jpg (20.7 KB, 80 views)
File Type: jpg Espar teardown fun and zoom up on atomizer.jpg (66.9 KB, 83 views)
File Type: jpg broken ignitor.jpg (20.8 KB, 81 views)
File Type: jpg 3 way valve for occasional kerosene burn.jpg (105.2 KB, 82 views)
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Default Re: PAV Adventure 4x4 Build

Good post. On my D2, I was having unstable flame on high, resulting in flame outs at altitude, and finally even at sea level. I took mine apart and found hard coke carbon covering about 1/3 of the flame holding mesh (not GP mesh) inside the burner. I burned it out with a propane torch, and its been perfect since. I would guess my high start count per hour of operation contributed to this.
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