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Default toilet/bath photos

Obviously, space it limited in the sprinter and I'm sure that is why I don't see many toilet/bath installations in the sprinters. Who here has a sprinter with bath installation I can see for inspiration?
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Graphite Dave
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Default Re: toilet/bath photos

The trick is to use the shower enclosure for multiple purposes to avoid wasting the space. Stuff is removed from the shower enclosure to use it as a shower.

At the bottom on the left is a shower pan. At bottom on the right is the portapotti mounted on the 6 gallon shower water tank. There is a waste basket that sits on the shower pan and behind that is the parts in an ammo box to convert the waste basket to the shower water heater. Directly above the portapotti is a lower shelf that is hinged and removable. There are two containers for food and pans that sit on the lower shelf. Above the containers is a upper hinged and removable shelf. Upper shelf is at sink counter height to add counter space. At the top there are 3 removable towel rods.

To use the portapotti the upper shelf is lifted and rotated so it is against the back wall of the shower. The two storage bins are removed. The lower shelf is lifted and rotated so it is against the back wall of the shower to expose the portapotti.

To use the space as a shower continue removing stuff. Remove the two shelves, remove the 3 towel rods and remove the waste basket and ammo box.

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Default Re: toilet/bath photos

I went with a "temporary" shower-bathroom install using 1 1/4" PVC for the framing and a concrete mixing tray https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...27447166875298
with a small hose run out the back of the van. I purchased two plastic shower curtains from WalMart and used industrial velcro https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...b02037f75aee96 to hold them in place when showering. Fir water I use a 3 gallon solar shower bag which is heated by the sun or by adding a pot off boiling water from my propane stove. I have this port a potty in the van https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...e3df33c1e2908a
The system has been working great. Here are some pics http://kitchenhui.com/road-trip/
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outbound (12-18-2018)
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Default Re: toilet/bath photos

since i operate in cold wx (as low as 15-20below zeerowF), i nixed the idea of installed tanks. (so no head or shower)
but i do have a sink+faucet, with a small DC pump, along with a 5gal 'supply' jug and a 5gal all-purpose bucket 'aka gray tank'
as i didnt want to have to winterize after every outing in winter time (just empty jugs&bucket, suck vodka thru pump :)

and have one of those 'bucket seats' that fits onto a 5gal bucket (a 2nd one ;) for 'emergencies'
(mostly for her, so she dont have to go out to the cold at night, i use a plastic, w cover, jar)

and always try to park in close range to 'facilities' (ideally so dont have to drive anywhere before coffee/breakfast)
in either parks/trailheads with pit toilets or at hiway rest areas (nevada's are very nice, with overnighting permitted)

the trick is to know whats available along the route and at your destination.

ie: on trips to say sun valley ID there's a great rest area (heated w flush toilets) just south of Hailey ID,
which is where we aim for (about 4hours out) on night1 to beach it before heading upto ketchum the next morning
then for night2, head out of ketchum about 8mi and park for the night at the Sawtooth NRA ranger station/visitor ctr

which i was told (by staff) was ok for overnighting and has heated+running water 24hour restrooms.
a fabulous place to beach it for sunvalley skifaris (since like most ski resorts, ya cant park+sleep overnight anywhere!)
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Default Re: toilet/bath photos

I helped our sons friend do a conversion on his 144 high top. We installed a Natures Head composting toilet right inside the right cargo door with the vent in the floor right in front of the fender well. No plumbing required. He absolutely loves it. Sorry I have no pictures. Lots of video's on YouTube about them.
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Default Re: toilet/bath photos

A good shower/toilet space was priority in our build. Shower drains straight out the floor, use a collapsible bucket below to catch the gray water, toilet has a quick release, and is super easy to remove to empty either at a RV dump or in a toilet facility.
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Default toilet/bath photos

I installed both an indoor and outdoor shower. Have to say the indoor shower is one of the van’s best features. Both showers use the same small Admiral Marine flow/temp control and a 3/4” quick disconnect for the Camco shower hand wand with on/off control.

The indoor shower pan from Amazon measures 24x27”, perfect size in my opinion. Water is supplied by a 46 gallon freshwater tank via a 4 gallon Isotemp water heater. The corner drain is routed to a 16 gallon gray water tank mounted behind the differential. The shower interior is FRP, fiberglass reinforced plastic, from Home Depot. A MaxxAir exhaust fan is located adjacent to the shower if needed.

We typically place a Thetford Curve toilet in the shower for overnight use, otherwise the toilet is locked to the floor in the cargo area just behind the shower. We find we use the shower 10 times as often as we use the toilet.

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Default Re: toilet/bath photos

Where did you buy the stainless steel enclosure? Looks very nice.
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Default Re: toilet/bath photos

Originally Posted by Oroskenneth View Post
Where did you buy the stainless steel enclosure? Looks very nice.
I'd like a set of plans for the SS enclosure!
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bathroom, toilet

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