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Default Re: Winnebago Revel

Originally Posted by OffroadHamster View Post
I took a look at one of these and my chief gripe is how cheaply made it is. If someone like Airstream were to put one of these together it would be a totally different story I think.

Its a great concept, but it is full of things I personally would never use and lacks several things that are important to many builders on this forum. I don't personally have, want or need any hook-ups, a black tank, or permanent in-van cooking. The bed is novel for hauling things, but most people looking for a full on RV in a van are not using it to make trips to home depot. It lacks safe seating for more than 2 people, is cramped inside (as in, I would not want to hang out in it in poor weather) and definitely wont sleep more than 2 people. Additionally, it has a lot of equipment slung under the van and has no provisions for secured external storage.

I see a lot of builds on here being designed with a double platform bed, or a pop top plus lower bed, retaining a factory bench seat to bring kids and family along and overall having more modularity than the Revel has.

While 100K is a pretty reasonable price for everything included, its only a bargain if you want all those things and don't what what it doesn't have. Clearly there are people for whom this is the case, and if you are one of them, then definitely buy it over building your own. That's a no brainer. Your time invested will push you north of the $100K pricetag of a van with a warranty that covers all the camper systems on top of the van. For me it would be a no-go as I need to safely seat 4, sleep 4, have room to hang out in the van on occasion, have better ground clearance and a lack of low slung equipment underneath, and have accessible external storage (ie no on the roof).

I am into my van for around $87K, and to me $13K is a LOT of money, however you slice it. Yes I have probably 100 hours worth of work into it, but it does everything I need, nothing I don't and it doesn't have stupid decals on it. Not to mention I know how everything is put together and where everything is if something happens to break on a trip.

Kudos to winne for seeing the market opportunity with the demise of the E350 and the rise of #vanlife in a generation who values exploring the great outdoors. Hopefully enough of those young adventure seekers can find the scratch to pick these vans up and warrant an expansion of the segment by other players with different approaches. While a larger industry is not good for those of us trying to find solitude in the great outdoors, it is certainly a boon for the aftermarket on these vans. The more entrants there are the more and better equipment will be developed for the sprinter. In my mind those are things like advanced aftermarket suspensions (intermediate/long travel), locking differentials, plug-n-play electronic upgrades, customized RV related equipment, adapters and bracketry etc etc.

Im looking forward to seeing where the Revel goes and who else gets on board.
I got a chance to look at the Revel, and now I feel the same as you. It's pretty crappy in terms of build quality and layout. Strangely, I looked at a Travato 59G right next to it, and I felt the opposite. Build quality seemed much better, and the layout was superior in every way. I'm not into traditional RVs, but the Travato has definitely gotten my attention. Of course, I would like to remove the a/c, gennie, TV, and switch to an electric only fridge, and a cassette toilet. but then I would have the best of both worlds IMO.

I had hoped the Revel would fit the bill, but it simply does not get close enough. My current DIY van will stay.
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Default Re: Winnebago Revel

I checked the Revel out pretty carefully, and my initial feeling is it is about time you can buy a 4x4 camper van ready to go off the lot. I pull my hair out whenever I research what is possible in Europe. A loaded VW California with locking rear differential for $80,000 comes to mind. Jesus when will VW pull their head out of their rear ends and start selling these in the U.S.?

For me the biggest concern is everything hanging underneath the Revel's chassis. The batteries are right behind the driver and passenger front wheels and water tanks right behind them. The batteries are in a protective metal case, but it does not take much imagination to picture what can happen if you go up and over a rock and have your loaded Sprinter camper van come down on that. Likewise moving down a dirt road at speed to soften up the washboards and catching something sticking up on the road, could cause a lot of damage from one end to the other. Sprinter 4 x 4 clearance given the wheelbase (144) is already less than ideal in my view, so having so much stuff underneath, some of it exposed is unfortunate.

Still it is a nice camper van with a lot going for it, and I think Winnebago deserves credit for coming out with something that gets many things right.

One thing that I was considering is how hard would it be to change things around. Like tuck the batteries further up under the chassis like Sportsmobile does. Sportsmobile places the main water tank inside in the back which would be my preference, as it would allow the batteries to be out of the way. In terms of the interior I would want to modify the table to make it a little bit larger and more stable. The sink pump is one loud little sucker. I have seen criticism of some the material choices but I found the cabinetry to feel very robust certainly much more stout than your average Roadtrek or other factory Class B van, other than an Airstream which I think are very well made. The aluminum "skeleton" framing and some pretty thick plywood in places show they were trying to make something that can handle the task at hand. I like the flexibility of the bed and shower/storage, but agree the living space/dining/work area is limited. There is limited cabinet space too. Still, trying to design an interior in a 144 inch Sprinter limits what you can do. Having a bath shower means you are going to have less living space even with the East/West sleeping configuration which the side panel extensions allow for.

It is a cool little unit and if priced around $100K offers a competitive alternative to waiting six months to get your custom conversion done. Still you can get exactly what you want in a custom conversion in an all electric no propane Sprinter for $105K - $120K total van + conversion from well known reliable outfitters some of whom offer a better warranty.

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Default Re: Winnebago Revel

Originally Posted by Walk0080 View Post
Congrats, Fresno!

Curious if anyone knows what brand and model of roof rack/ladder and windows are used on the Revel?

The insulated and hydronic heater fresh water (and heated, but not insulated grey) are nice features. Wonder who made the tanks for them?
At the RV show it was stated Winnebago makes the tanks. Ladder and Rack setup are propitiatory to Winnebago for the next year or so..
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Default Re: Winnebago Revel

Originally Posted by oneguyindc View Post
Any opinions on Winnebago Revel


What would be a fair price on this?

Pros/Cons ?
Looks like an instant all around RV, just sign the line, make the payments and drive it away, no headaches or surprises building it. But for some I assume the build is all part of the fun?

How is End of Earth Vans doing with his builds? He had pretty much the same concept.
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Default Re: Winnebago Revel

Originally Posted by Midwestdrifter View Post
I will be curious to see how the ~300AH AGM battery bank fares running the induction cooktop regularly. The owners manual may just say to plug in to shore power...

When someone takes delivery, please weigh the van for us. I am very curious if they actually have a usable payload. With 4 passengers, gear, and water, I would bet the van is at least 200lbs over GVWR. With extras like bumpers, gear racks, etc, I could see the van being close to 800lbs over gross. It really depends on what the cabinetry weighs.

With the actual price being only 100k, I can see them selling a reasonable number. Basically this would not be a niche model, but something closer to mainstream.
I will definitely weigh mine when it finally arrives.
In a couple of places I have found 1200lbs listed as the available load weight.
I doubt this includes full tanks. So........150lbs of fuel, another 180lbs of water, say 350lbs of people.....That leaves maybe 500lbs for "Stuff".
I can make that work.
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Default Re: Winnebago Revel

Just did a test drive and hang out of the REVEL and I really liked it.

I grew up with large class A RVs as a kid and this really does appeal as a one stop option. It doesn't have everything that I have seen in many of the other conversions, but it definitely seems like it could work for me.

The dealer informed me that they are in high demand and that if I ordered today I could get one say around August... so we'll see.

Looking forward to reading more thoughts and ideas before pulling the trigger!
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