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Default Re: Fresh water drain valve

Thanks for digging into that and discovering the valve is also a pressure relief valve. I too observed a drip, drip, drip whenever I cycled my water heater. I typically just fire it up in the morning for a shower then shut it down. Oftentimes I noticed a piddle on the ground below the drain spout. As the water heats up it expands. With no where to go the pressure could rupture a water line. So apparently Westfalia's solution was to incorporate a pressure valve. The P&T safety valve on the water heater oftentimes dribbles on American made RV's. An expansion tank is another option for alleviating this problem - works for me:-)
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Default Re: Fresh water drain valve

Just a thought...maybe the Temperature Pressure Relief Valve (TPRV) on your water heater has failed or is fouled with mineral deposits and that is why this secondary pressure relief at the drain valve is discharging.
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Default Re: Fresh water drain valve

I would recommend hooking up a water hose to the street connection and flush the drain valve with water pressure , the flip up drain valve may have crud caught in it from the hot water tank.
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Default Re: Fresh water drain valve

The James Cook Friends Forum has a thread


with posted link to a German store suggesting the same Truma 70141-02 part replacement identified by Kiltym in post 10 above.


No confirmation on forums if anyone has actually replaced.
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Default Re: Fresh water drain valve

I replaced the drain valve equivalent to the one that was there (OEM I guess) and the new one leaked too. I ended up making a tee with barbs front and back with a brass pipe down and a 1/4 lever shutoff below (ends up atop of wheel well). No more leaks problem anymore.

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