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Originally Posted by sonic1002 View Post
So we've got the window and installed it.

Here's how we did it:

We contacted a company here in Seattle that happens to fabricate polymers for Boeing. They have a public-facing business called Fremont Laser & Design. Smart and dedicated folks. Call them and tell them we sent you (they'll know who we are.)

Keep in mind, they were NOT able to duplicate the exact design of the original double-pane window. They were only able to duplicate the shape and curve of the outer window. As you'll see in the pics below, it worked for us.

Also, they didn't cut the groove on the top of the window that fits the window into the long top mount bracket (on top of the van) that helps keep the window in place as well as give the pivot-like functionality of opening the window. We didn't have the bracket so we just used epoxy to mount to where the bracket used to be and then a silicon sealant for good measure.

They took measurements of the original window and curvature. We also asked them to measure where the holes should be for those that still have the original hardware ( which we do not.) This is so that anyone on this forum can order from them and get not only the window but the pilot holes drilled for the mounting hardware.


Here's what the window looks like:


Here's what it looks like the way we mounted it (don't laugh, we didn't have the original parts so had to hack it a bit):

The process of mounting it took me 2 days. The hard part was getting the angle for my custom brackets (made of wood and composite shims) to make the metal brackets flush with the window.


The outside mount

If anyone orders from them and is interested in the process on how we did the mount, let me know and I'll walk through it with a video or something. It's too long to post unless there's interest.

The upside: there's a window in place of duct tape and cardboard.

The downside:
it won't open. Since they don't make the parts anymore (at least we couldn't find them) we had to hack it.

The moral: Keep your windows closed and if you don't, make sure you save every piece of hardware.

Total cost: around $600. However, since we did all the hard work they said they would charge everyone else about half that price.

We took it on a 10 day trip up and down the pacific coast highway 101 and it survived perfectly.

Hope this helps. Thanks to everyone for all your help along the way.
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Default Re: Mod Ideas: Replacement Acrylic Panes

9A. Replacement Windows:

Wonder if this company has explored our Westies.


B. Upper Windows Hardware:

Latches say "Bonocar" on them. Presumably, the rod ("auto-stay") is also made by Bonocar.

Window acrylic panes have label "Seitz." Similar older windows may have gone by "Bonoplex."

History: Bonocar/Bonoplex was apparently bought by Seitz, and Seitz was later bought by Dometic. See


So searching for "Bonocar" and "Westfalia" may yield some sources, as well as "Seitz" and "Window Stays," but need better searches to narrow down to right items.

This website looks like they carry the latches for the VW Westfalias:


VW PART NO 255 070 415 K
MANUFACTURER OE [Original Equipment]

11.58 (Inc VAT)

And the corresponding piece:


VW PART NO 255 070 415 L

Search for Seitz Window Stays:


James Cook Friends Forum has a thread on hardware but no definitive info:


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Thanks for posting the details. We have a badly patched window and one that just got cracked.

I would like to contact the manufacturer that you used for fabrication and see if we could get some of the panels.

Is it that hard to get hardware for making them work ? We have the pieces for one of the windows but not the other.
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Default Re: Mod Ideas: Replacement Acrylic Panes

Plastic Fabricator:

Poster Sonic above had Fremont Laser & Design in the Seattle area fabricate a single pane, non-opening replacement for the upper vent windows.

There may be other possibilities. These two companies pop up on the web frequently. Have no info on them, but websites say they do custom fabrication.


This company has locations near San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. Besides selling materials, the website says they can fabricate.


For folks in the San Diego area, this company might be able to do.
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Default Re: Mod Ideas: Replacement Acrylic Panes

If you don't want upper vent windows, there are photos of James Cooks with no windows. One could fiberglass the openings, like TNeur did for the AC opening and the little circular vents.

Here's a red one without upper vent windows:

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Default Re: Mod Ideas: Replacement Acrylic Panes

We had another Westy owner visit us recently. First one since we have owned ours, so it was a good chance to compare some items.

Related to this thread, they had the normal "eggplant" upper windows from Westfalia.

Ours do not have the same upper windows. It looks like theirs are double-paned (theirs indented into the cabin area), ours are single pane (simply flush to the gasket). Also, ours are not purple, just a smoke tint. Theirs have Westfalia stickers and DOT labels, ours do not. I have attached some photos of ours as I am thinking/guessing these have been replaced.

The hardware is all the same as best I remember.

The importance is that perhaps I can figure out who replaced them and in turn a source for people needing a replacment.

Or, are the ones in our van simply what was installed in later model Westy's? Ours is 184, the one visiting was < 100 (don't remember exactly).
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Default Re: Mod Ideas: Replacement Acrylic Panes

On the James Cook Friends Forum, there is a thread re replacement upper vent windows. A James Cook owner in Luxembourg has made a jig to make replacements and is making a few for folks on that forum. Several photographs of the jig if anyone here in US wants to replicate.


[Quote translated by Google]


I do not do business, and only as a guide, so do not give me to make a fortune. Therefore, it may also take a while before I have the complete window.

Shipping is possible, but I would like to send in a wooden box for the window to arrive altogether. Where should the window be sent?

An assembly here in Luxembourg is also possible, if you in the Gegemd doing here vacation or are going through.



[End Quote]

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Default Re: Mod Ideas: Replacement Acrylic Panes

Another idea: I’m no fiberglass expert, but I understand it is pretty easy to work with. How about making fiberglass form that matches the shape of the original acrylic window. This could be painted silver to match or black. Within this “window”, install a rectangular flat tinted glass pane. I imagine the fiberglass to be way easier to work with than the acrylic. This fiberglass frame with the window can then flip up like the original, provided you figure out some clamps and a hinge replacement.
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Default Re: Mod Ideas: Replacement Acrylic Panes

On the James Cook Friends Forum, there is an announcement/request re replacement upper vent windows. Apparently, there is a replica window manufacturer who might make. If interested, please post your interest there so a price and quantity estimate might be made.

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Default Re: Mod Ideas: Replacement Acrylic Panes

Apparently, folks on James Cook Friends forum are stilling looking for a source for the upper vent windows. In the group buy to get a manufacturer to commit, it looked like there were 15 or so requesrs but no final resolution:


In the main James Cook forum, someone posted about an acrylic window craftsman who can replicate with dual lanes--but the guy is in Spain.


There is a query for assistance for Spanish speaking folks to make contact. Hopefully, there will be more info.


There is also Eric aka Coffeeholic, who is making some as a favor to fellow owners. They look like single panes.


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