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Default T1N Passenger Side Lid?

Installed a new radio... head unit in the 2006 today. I learned a couple things.

On my 2004 the foam blocks inside the A pillars (crash related?) are held in place by the gray plastic covers. It is pretty easy to crack the inner foam pieces when the covers snap loose. The foam on the 2006 is held in place by 4 sheet metal screws.

The driver side top domed lid over the IC Instrument Cluster is just held by 2 screws in the front and then pops loose. That was handy for running the speaker wires, microphone wire, and a wire for my red interior LED light that are all mounted high in the headliner. My wife uses the red interior light at night when I'm driving. Red light doesn't kill night vision.

While running the passenger side speaker wires I figured that I could tip the "tray lid" up for access to help route the wires. As I carefully raised the lid it popped free completely. The passenger side tray lid above the air bag doesn't use fasteners. It just clips in.

The design makes sense. The passenger side tray lid and the driver side domed lid fit the same openings to help to accommodate left hand drive.

So running wires from the pillars to the radio and center switches got much easier after I learned how easy it is to remove the lids.



With the small speaker cover off it was easy to grasp one edge of the tray lid and pop it loose. After the speaker cover was back in place I found that I needed to use an angled brake adjusting tool to get under the edge. I had that brake tool out already. A trim tool would be even better.

As an aside, the foam on the aftermarket speaker is to help to hold it in place and reduce possible rattles.


Might as well include the installation info that I have.

2006 Radio Installation

Pioneer MVH-X370BT
Bluetooth, Memory Stick, Aux in, No CD player. Capable of at least 3 phones with Bluetooth.
The newer similar model is MVH-X380BT.

Pioneer Wiring = Purpose = OEM

BLK = Grd = Brown (16 gauge, not light gauge speaker)
Yel = Constant 12v B+ = Rd/YL
Red = Ignition = BK/RD
Blue/white = Power amp or antenna = BK (16 gauge)
Wht = L Frt Spkr + = BR/RD
Wht/Blk = L Frt Spkr - = BR (light gauge)
Gray = Rt Frt + = BR/RD
Gray/Blk = Rt Frt - = BK
Green = L Rear+ = ?? (None on Sound10)
Green/Blk = L Rear - = ??
Violet = R Rear + = ??
Violet/black = R Rear - = ??

OEM not used

Blu/Red/Wht = Speed
Yellow = K line TCM/Radio (Not on Soumd10)
DG/YL/BK = Mute
GY/DG/RD = Lamp Driver
Blue wire? = Sound10
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