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Default Air Bag Occupancy Sensor

Air Bag Occupancy Sensor

I have a 2014 Airstream Interstate. Because my wife has severe back problems, we replaced the Sprinter passenger seat with an aftermarket seat which reclines, electric controls, etc. We got everything working except the SRS light stays illuminated. Realizing there is not a Seat Occupancy Sensor in the new replacement seat, and as a result its likely the air bags will not deploy, does anyone have any idea what I can do to make my air bags work? Ive thought about removing the occupancy sensor from the original sprinter seat and reinstalling it into the new seat, however I have no idea if that would work and wanted to explore other options. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.Zup
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Default Re: Air Bag Occupancy Sensor

My 2014 does not have one.
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Default Re: Air Bag Occupancy Sensor

This might or might not solve your issue. You could try to use the mimic the sensor trick. Measure the resistance of the sensor without an occupant (it's probably an open). Measure the resistance of the sensor with an occupant. It might be a simple close or some resistive value. Go to Radio Shack (do they even exist anymore?) and get a leaded resistor of that value and shove it into the connector in the van. You might still have to have the lamp turned off by MB.
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Default Re: Air Bag Occupancy Sensor

Is there any reason you can't put the sensor from the OEM seat in your new seat?
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