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Default Re: Incredible deal from AT&T - Unlimited data for $20/month

Originally Posted by smiller View Post
Just fyi I want to mention the unbelievable AT&T Wireless 'Connected Car' promotion which provides unlimited LTE data for only $20/month, and you do not need to be an existing AT&T customer to obtain it. The only catch is that the only equipment supported is the ZTE Mobley (a hotspot that connects to any vehicle's OBDII port), but since all the device needs from the OBDII port is power it's easy to power them in any number of ways, including from USB. Mobleys (ZTE VM6200) will also work as a cellular USB modem with routers. The response has been enormous (I mean, $20 for unlimited data on the AT&T postpaid network??? WTF). These are perfect an RV or anyone on the road or even emergency backup for home. Also many have reported that once activated in a Mobley you can move the SIM to whatever device you want, AT&T doesn't seem to be doing any IMEI verification beyond initial activation (for now.)

Currently both AT&T and Best Buy are out of stock on the Mobleys but it's worth checking until you find one, once service is activated you will almost certainly be grandfathered at the $20 rate after the promotion ends. You need to check frequently because when they become available they are all gone within a day or two as people are buying them up and then selling on Ebay for 3-4X list price. It's a limited time promotion but it's unclear when it will end. I have no idea why they are offering a deal like this but I wouldn't expect it to last long.

You can order online or an AT&T store or Best Buy (again, only if they have a unit in stock.) Make sure you specify the 'Connected Car Standalone' plan as not all reps are aware of it. There is also a dedicated line at AT&T for the program at 866-595-1222. The Mobley hardware is $99 or free with a 2-year commitment (although AT&T socks the 2-years plans with a $45 activation fee while there is no activation fee if you purchase the unit outright.)

Ordering online is very easy ( https://www.att.com/devices/zte/mobl...sku=sku7700323 ) but you will need to wait until more Mobleys are available before the system will take your order. If you call AT&T they say that more will be available 'soon'.

What is unlimited data? Unlimited 4G LTE or throtled down after you reach 2-5 GB per month. If it was unlimited 4G everyone would use it at home. Also ATT limits video steaming to 480 bit rate IE standard definition not 1080 HD.
Please provide full disclosure details on unlimited data.
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