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Default Re: Unusual bodied Sprinters

I would bet its legit. The suspension looks correct, and I have seen 4x4 sprinters with that type of tire/axle config. Its just low res I think.
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Default Re: Unusual bodied Sprinters

Originally Posted by Bobnoxious View Post
Curious, how many centimeters per liter or inches to the gallon that beast consumes?
I would guess its similar consumption to a typical 6 berth Luton peak RV 4 ton T1N. It would be slightly heavier kerb weight being 6 ton rated, but that would be offset by the better aero at freeway speeds.

Its certainly a better option than typical short-bus RV conversions, having that sweet T1N running gear. Rather than an agricultural Jap 4cyl TD like a Toyota Coaster or Nissan Civilian. Also the interior standing height looks impressive.
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Default Re: Unusual bodied Sprinters

I'm not sure if you have seen this one yet or not.

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Default Re: Unusual bodied Sprinters

Oh yeah, that's my future motorhome. My wife can cook salmon for me open-air, w/o stinking up the RV. Someone already picked this unit up, however. Glad you posted the photos as they are gone off FB

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Default Re: Unusual bodied Sprinters

Tonke RV. 145,000 euros export price (usually means w/o 19% VAT)


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Default Re: Unusual bodied Sprinters

Ha. A double dually! Hopefully it has lockers that we are not privileged to get in the States.
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