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Default Re: best radio upgrade

I have the wide piece off that has the windshield vent in it and the speaker grill too. The piece I am having difficulty with is forward of the speaker grill and wraps around the front with the forward facing vent in it. You can see that the top of piece slides in a slot but the rest has very tight clearances, not wide enough to get a panel removal tool into. I have a quality set but not knowing what is holding it in I hesitate to use force and booger up my dash. You don't normally need to take this piece off to replace the radio so I haven't seen any instructions on the radio removal installations pieces I have read. Perhaps I should be looking for air bag removal instructions.

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Default best radio upgrade

I think you are talking about this piece around the vent. Two screws only. Where i am pointing in the pictures. Top part is pressed in.

Pull from bottom right and work your way up. the whole thing pops right off. No tools. Took me 30 seconds including pictures and typing. Bottom left on driver side.

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Default Re: best radio upgrade

Boy-o-boy! Well that wasn't the piece either (I may need that one off later). It is the piece on the FAR right. Not to worry I finally got it off. I tired to get the center piece above the glove box off to expose screws, no go. While looking under the dash for screws to take it off I noticed the screws to take the trim off under the piece I needed off. Removed that and it exposed the screws on bottom of the piece I needed off, also there was one on top rear. It came right off. Didn't need to take the glove box out but now that it is out I would be remiss if I didn't service the AVHC fan. I know there are threads on that. Thank you sprinterPaul for staying with me and encouraging me.

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Default Re: best radio upgrade

Originally Posted by bkdiem View Post
99% perfect

first perfect into factory trim, zero modifications required
wiring harness included (plug & play)

steering wheel controls work
gps works
bluetooth hands free works
bluetooth music works
(no apple car play)

single negative.... no video adapter so no back up camera yet.

waiting on adapter that will convert the mercedes factory back up camera to regular RCA input

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Thank you for posting this installation. It seems as wiring harness is good for Sound5 or Audio 15A MB radios. I have difficulties to locate wiring harness to install the Audio15 in lieu of my current one Sound5.

A couple of questions:

1. Do you have a final picture, did the radio came with a finish bezel?
2. Con you mirror your android phone GPS image on the radio?

Thank you,


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Default Re: best radio upgrade

November 10, 2019
Just wanted to share my experience installing an aftermarket Android GPS head unit with backup camera with you guys. I took a risk and purchased this Hizpo 9" display with Android V9.0 from Amazon and installed it on my 2008 Freightliner Sprinter van. There were 2 cable harnesses that came with the unit, one for the Mercedes cars and the other for Sprinter vans. The harness for Sprinter plugs directly into the stock socket, no cable cutting required. After installation, the unit did not come on when the ignition is turned on. I later discovered that the "CANBUS" unit (a plastic box with circuit board) was not on the harness that I installed. I looked around and found it attached to the other unused harness for Mercedes cars. I removed it and plugged it in to the one I'm using and Voi-la the unit booted. It turns out the CANBUS is the brain to everything on the system - it detects reverse signal and activates the backup camera automatically. You don't need to splice the reverse cable for the signal, awesome! No need to remove A pillar cover, rail and dash covers. However, the backup camera that came with the unit the cable is not long enough to reach the dash, so I purchased a separate camera with 10m/30ft long cable. I ran the cable from the back of the van on driver side to behind the driver seat and tugged the cable inside the A pillar down to floor and under the floor mats out under the dash on the passenger side to the head unit. For the GPS antenna, I glued it to a neodymium disc magnet and attached to the rooftop of the van on passenger side. There are no installing instructions with the unit and you have to figure things out on your own. It worth the cheap price though, 260 bucks! The attached pics should clear up everything what I described above. GPS works great and I'm very happy with it.
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