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Default Re: Who wants an Arduino-based Aux Instrument Panel?

I imagine that service station was a welcome sight!?

The “Fuel in Tank” number (top right, details page) is straight from the ECM. The data value ranges from 0-100 litres and I convert it to US gallons for the display.
The ECM gets it from the IC module via canbus. The IC determines the tank level by interpreting the variable resistance that it measures across the tank sensor circuit, which changes according to the floating bobber on the end of a metal rod. There’s a post in the “Crackinng the K-Line” thread tabling sensor resistance as I did a tank fill... the sensor flat-lines when it floats up against the tank top, so the IC is blind to the last 10 or 15 litres added, which is why the fuel gauge stays pinned at Full for the first few gallons burned. I expect it’s equally blind to the dregs once the sensor is sitting on the bottom of the tank, but I’ve never ventured that low - I try to avoid drawing it down too far since I don’t know how low fuel level affects the cooling performance of the fuel system... I keep a log and typically fill at 400 mile intervals, though I usually need a break long before the van does...

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Default Re: Who wants an Arduino-based Aux Instrument Panel?

Originally Posted by Nautamaran View Post
The fuel economy calculation requires the MAF and O2 sensor voltage, so a lack of fuel economy readout may point to a sensor problem? My readout sits on zero for a few (five?) minutes while the O2 sensor heats up (normal?) but is then quite stable, and within 10% of long-term consumption.


I sent some info out today to help start the cracking and adapting of the program to interpret 2003 OM-612 data, but since the OM-612 doesnít have an O2 sensor, Iím not sure that Iíll be able to provide a meaningful fuel economy value without first cracking the ECMís software lockout challenge/response algorithm.

I haven't been able to read it on any of the pages. And recently did a 5 hr drive so it's not about the distance.

It could be a sensor issue, I don't get any engines codes but have wondered if I have an issues with MAF or O2 for sometime. I guess it's time to replace them both and see if that helps.

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Default Re: Who wants an Arduino-based Aux Instrument Panel?

The nautabox is going to be used by CARB before you know it...
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