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Default Re: Espar d2 help

Soot buildup is often caused by restricted air flow. Do you have any low spots where water can accumulate? If so put a small drain hole at the low spot.

Excessive bends or tubing length? Remove then or go to large tubing.

Something rubbing against the interior fan? That slows it down, reducing combustion air flow.
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Default Re: Espar d2 help

A thing of beauty watching you all solve a problem together-especially when I'm experiencing a similar one! thanks everyone
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Default Re: Espar d2 help

Pull the muffler. I've been experiencing similar white smoke/no-start issues and saw a significant improvement (it now smokes only 20% as long) with the muffler removed. I didn't get a total resolution, however I didn't yet remove the 2nd round of soot buildup.

I replaced the Espar the muffler with a Chinese flow-through muffler (10 bucks on ebay). You can see light straight through it and it has a weird slinky-like flexible tube inside which I assume functions as a resonator to cancel the noise. Surprisingly, to my ear it's quieter than the Espar muffler. I ordered a 2nd one and plan to install two of them in series, inspired by this video:

I have no way to confirm this, but my suspicion is that having the more restrictive Espar baffled muffler installed is OK-to-marginal when everything is new and clean, but once the muffler gets sooted up from a few too many no-starts, the increasing restriction leads to a runaway sooting condition. I tried rinsing out the muffler with high pressure water and a bunch of carbon came out but it still didn't seem to restore the muffler to its original state.

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