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Default soft water tank

anyone ever used a soft water tank for their sink?

spotted this lalizas water tank at 3:11 in this video interesting, takes up less space when less water is needed or when water is used up

maybe more annoying to carry around to fill up, not sure?

I ordered two of these lci jugs but haven't gotten around to doing the sink build yet
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Default Re: soft water tank

I bought Plastimo 60 Gallons for my bus conversion like 15 years ago and still have it for emergencies. They work well and you can always fold them to regain the space.
I parted out Truck Camper to convert my Sprinter and original water tank, flipped upside down made pretty good fit.
What used to be dent for electric panel, now goes over wheel well. Still for long boondocking - Plastimo might take a ride.
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Default Re: soft water tank

I looked into flexible tanks as an option. People like Plastimo make these flexible bladders for the marine industry.

While they undoubtedly have their advantages I was put off buying one due to reports from various people on marine forums of seals or seams eventually failing.

For me that would be an utter nightmare inside my van when out camping.

My solution is essentially the same as your plan with the Ici jugs. I have three of the Impress 23lit water jerry cans with a cap on the side as well as the top

Two are for fresh water. One is 'in use' the other is the spare. These are kept in the space between the wheel well and the back door, one on each side.

The third is cleary labelled as a waste tank and is used on it's side underneath the van where my sink waste pipe goes straight out.

My suggestion would be to do a search for Plastimo and other flexible water bladders for marine use and read through people's experiences on the marine forums. There are some good tips on how to use them as well if you do decide to go down that route.
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Default Re: soft water tank

Just go to Lowe's and buy a 5 gallon bucket and lid. < $10 and easy to empty.
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