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Default Alternative to drawer slides?

We're currently using some fixed fork-mount points in our garage, but want more convenience than crawling forward to insert the axle. Our bed is only 60" deep, so bikes with both tires is out of the question. We purposely designed the garage with the idea we'd do both tires off and increase the storage space inside the van.

I've got a YT Capra 29 limited and my wife is on a Canfiield Balance 650. The yeti shown is her old bike. Her canfield will barely fit with the rear tire on.

Most slides I've seen are wood and look somewhat heavy. They also take up some space to install. I've seen a few aluminum versions that seem do-able. We've got a tight garage given that our electrical, fresh water, and hot water are back here. 3KW Victron inverter + 200 AH lithium battery on the driver side, and our 20 gallon + 4 gallon isotherm on the passenger side.

I'm considering something like a length of 80/20 with short T section at the end. Bolt up two Rocky Mount DriveShafts, and just slide this in. We have two rows of L-Track so I could mount something to guide and hold in place. This would be one per bike.

I've also considered mounting the forward end (closest to bulkhead) on a driveshaft attached to a rollerblade wheel. Roll both of the bikes in and attach rigidly at the aft end L-track. Since we're only using the Driveshaft HMs, we'd just drop the bikes down with the axles in.


Both of these setups would be:
1. Cheap
2. Light-weight
3. Not permanent

Anyone have any other creative ideas that don't require slides?

2017 144WB 4x4

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Default Re: Alternative to drawer slides?

I'd try maybe the whole floor space maybe on low profile casters, like movers use for white goods?

Drop-down or telescoping legs for support around 25% of the way in.
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Default Re: Alternative to drawer slides?

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Default Re: Alternative to drawer slides?

Onefin's link is the right idea. Your bike mount space is narrow, so you don't need much lateral strength. A 3/4 quality plywood would not need any reinforcement, so you would only have to add maybe 7/8" in height to the bikes. Add some good full length slides and you are set. We used Lee Valley 500 lbs slides, but that would be overkill for you.

Our prototype drawer - showing exactly what you said you didn't want. :)

If you really have an opposition to a drawer, then a simple 3/4" ply with the mounts attached and some nice hand holds for lifting could be used as a gurney style carrier.

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Default Re: Alternative to drawer slides?

Wrinkled - Looking at your garage photo , I think it would be best to build a U shaped tray ( Plywood bottom with 3”+/- high sides) to fit the whole width of your garage space - so you so when you pull it out All your stuff comes out including your bikes... You can try to engineer a roller system if you have the time, skills and space. I played with the roller idea , but decided to bite the bullet and go with 48” heavy-duty drawer slides ( you don’t need all 60”)- that lock in both the closed and open positions - these slides are sold in singles so you can save a little by getting one with the locking feature and one without. Slides are cheaper from a cabinet supply distributor than companies like Lee Valley. A sliding tray will give you easy access to all that stuff that gets buried under the bed - definitely a useful upgrade.
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Alex Diamond
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Default Re: Alternative to drawer slides?

Id suggest a drawer slide for your space, it makes pulling bikes out super easy. I built one from 3/4 ply inset into an aluminum angle frame. Its got 48 locking slides, whole unit is mounted to L-track making it easily removable. I also was limited with space below the bed, so this way I was able to keep the bikes as low as possible.
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