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Default 2019 2500 170" CARGO 4X4

MODEL: 2019 M2CA7X $44,990
992 Selenite Grey Metallic $1,015
VF6 Leatherette Black $55
C0A Basic Comfort Package 2 $690
SK1 Comfort Headrest-Passenger's Seat
SK0 Comfort Headrest-Driver's Seat
SE5 Lumbar support, driver's seat
SE4 Lumbar support, co-driver's seat
LC4 Comfort overhead control panel
C01 C01 - Driver Convenience Package $1,210
JW8 Attention Assist
JA7 Blind Spot Assist
F68 Exterior mirror heated and electr. adjustable
F64 Electrically Folding Exterior Mirrors
FZ9 Two additional master keys
FJ1 I/P Hinged Lid-Center Stack Bin
E46 12V Power Outlet- Driver Seat Base
C6L Multifunction Steering Wheel
C02 C02 - Premium Package $1,240
JF1 Rain sensor
JB4 322 Active Lane Keeping Assist
FM3 Wet Wiper System
BA3 Brake Assist Plus
X30 Low & High Range 4x4 Package $7,800
ZG3 4x4 High Range w/Low Range Transfer Case
T75 Door mounted assist handles, driver &passenger
X67 X67 - Chrome Grille Package $270
FK3 Chromed Trim Radiator Grille
CN2 Radiator Grille Frame in Vehicle Color
X68 X68 - Comfort Plus Package $1,610
SF2 Co-driver's seat electrically adjustable
SF1 Driver's seat electrically adjustable
H16 Heated Driver Seat
H15 Heated Co-Driver Seat
X69 X69 - Swivel Seat Package $504
S88 Passenger's Seat Base
S87 Driver's Seat Frame
SR9 Seat - Swivel Base - Passenger
SR8 Seat - Swivel Base - Driver
0R0 MS1 Credit (C01) CREDIT $-250
0R0 C01 Pck Credit (MS1)
0R1 FR8 Credit (C02) CREDIT $-319
0R1 C02 Pck Credit (FR8)
0R2 E3M Credit (C02) CREDIT $-273
0R2 C02 Pck Credit (E3M)
BE2 Parkingbrake lever,swivel seat
CL3 Leather Steering Wheel $176
D93 Deletion of Cargo Partition (Standard)
ED8 Parametric Special Module (PSM) Preparation
EX9 Free map data updates for 3yrs
E1E Navigation $683
E1G Intelligent Navigation
E1S Satellite Radio $228
E3M MBUX Multimedia System with 7" Touchscreen $273
FR8 Rearview Camera $319
01.21.2020 08.01.27
JK5 Instrument Cluster with Colourdisplay (Highline) $136
MS1 Cruise Control $250
RM9 Specially Requested Tires $96
VL4 Metallic Paint
V93 Wood Floor, Delete
Z4X Production in Charleston
SUBTOTAL $60,785
TOTAL $61,980

gstavros@bakermotorcompany.com 843-860-8662
Charleston, SC
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Default Re: 2019 2500 170" CARGO 4X4

Charleston, SC
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