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Default Re: Timing chain stretch....AGAIN!

If we are guessing cause of premature chain problems:
I would bet on supplier change on the chain, tensioner, guides or all the above VS an oil issue changed at 10k.

The trend line on this issue is 2010 and newer ?
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Default Re: Timing chain stretch....AGAIN!

Just to clarify, chains do not stretch. They get longer when they wear excessively.
This can be a metallurgical problem, but is more commonly a lubrication failure.
If (As Dennis alluded to) there is excessive carbon in the oil because of inferior or incorrectly installed oil filter, it is caused by abrasion.
If the wrong oil is used, or the correct oil is used past its useful life, lubrication fails, abrasive particles or not.
Do we really know that these conditions are not the cause of the cam chain failures?
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Default Re: Timing chain stretch....AGAIN!

Originally Posted by 4wheeldog View Post
Do we really know that these conditions are not the cause of the cam chain failures?
We really know nothing.

To date:
There's no specific info on what parts failed.
There's no formal failure analysis of the replaced parts.
There's no oil analysis.
10 - 15k OCI was mentioned. Oil brand/specification was not mentioned. Oil filter brand wasn't mentioned.

To be clear about my previous post. While blaming extended OCI is easy for us here on the forum, we have no data yet. The 10k OCI worked fine on NAS aka NAFTA NCV3 V6 diesels for close to a decade before MB raised it to 20k. My recollection of posts on this forum is that V6 timing chain failures are not generally a hot topic.

Has something changed, or is it simply the extended oil changes?
The 10k - 15k mile OCI mentioned for this truck isn't even the 20k allowed (assuming 20k OCI applies to 2015 MY.)


P.S. - I am not saying that a 20k OCI is ok. I don't know one way or the other.
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