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Default Re: Remi Cab Blinds

Scott, your Remi's just don't appear to have been installed correctly, from what your are describing, with the difficult closure and the pleats coming out. Ours closed with the magnets initially, but were a bit fiddly, sometimes popping open. Getting the pleats completely extended helped. But it was the little clip that took care of things. The dealer initially said LTV was looking at a stronger magnet strip as the fix, but this never panned out or was a difficult/expensive fix.
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Default Re: Remi Cab Blinds

Update, ours had a screw broken off inside the lower support rod. We just got done with the good folks here in Winkler and they fixed the problem by installing a new set of blinds (I just wanted a new rod and screw but yay!

Anyway, the blinds now do not stay closed without using the clip because the magnets are too weak. This experience jogged my memory and I remember that when the coach was new, the magnets would not hold but after some use, the blinds stretched out to the point that the magnets would work (I still used the clip since I already had it). I expect that these new blinds will settle in and work without the clip too.
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Default Re: Remi Cab Blinds

Originally Posted by TStiles View Post
My CB came with the clip, too. When I asked the dealer about it they simply said "Just don't lose it!" Hmmmmmmm
Funny. I was just told the same thing.
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Default Re: Remi Cab Blinds

I have written a fair amount about installing the Remi Shades properly -- not that one might want to if they paid a Dealer or LTV to do so. But the original instructions are bizarre and incomplete, at best -- so it does not surprise me that the Dealers and LTV get confused.

For example, attaching the side pillar covers to the long bottom bars that spread across the windshield BEFORE you install the pillar covers might sound counter-intuitive -- but it's the only way to do so and add the nut to secure those bottom bars properly.
Another thing, the clip might be necessary when the center support is turned around the wrong way (this is the bottom support clip that attaches to the dash) -- or if it's positioned too far down the dash -- thus, creating a clearance issue when trying to close the blinds.

I know I need a clip in my installation because I have the center storage cubby with an optional lid that snaps closed. I had to turn that support clip around to fit that lid properly -- and that prevents the two blind sections from overlapping the clip so they meet evenly along the magnetic strip. Right now, I just wrap 4 or 5 heavy rubber bands around the pull handles.
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