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Default Rust Removal Before Windscreen Replacement

I need my cracked windscreen replaced but also need the rust treated (bottom of the frame) and wondering if anyone can help me with a reliable PANEL BEATER in the Townsville Queensland area or further north along my route.

The rust is worsening below the windscreen - Sprinter 2005 413cdi. I had it done in Tully (Island Coast Radiators & Windscreens) two years ago but all I got for my $150 was a stripe of black paint and the rust was back within a week! The replacement windscreen was covered by insurance but the guy assured me the rust would be correctly removed/treated and I was silly enough to believe him.

I tried to do it myself but looks like it's impossible unless the w/screen is out first.

Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks, J
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Default Re: Rust Removal Before Windscreen Replacement

This may be helpful
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Default Re: Rust Removal Before Windscreen Replacement

I'm currently just doing this repair, 2006 ex ambo, luckily mine is not too bad, no holes just rusty patches.

Got a local mobile windscreen guy to remove the screen, took him literally 10 mins with a fancy cheese wire type machine .

Then came the hard bit, cleaning all the old seal and paint off the flange, a small air grinder with Roloc discs is good. cleaned up all flange back to bare metal then used KBS coatings rustblaster, as per their instructions, then two coats of KBS epoxy paint, 4 hours drying time apart.

Today hope to get it in primer then paint with Arctic weis acrylic. But weather bad here, very windy and wet !

Screen hopefully will go back in on Tuesday.

Cost for screen out and in, 2 visits plus new rubber surround, $275, (he's also going to refit my side door window which I removed for same treatment) KBS paint and rustbuster treatment $60 ( I bought them separately not the kit)

After seeing the rusty flange I'm glad I did it properly as it would have come back to bit me later.

All in all an awkward job due to access over the bonnet but simple enough to do properly.
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Default Re: Rust Removal Before Windscreen Replacement

Assuming no holes, any decent body shop can grind down, prime, paint. Should be a pretty quick job with air tools.
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