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Default Re: Sprinter Shipping FL to WA issue

I love to fly & drive. If I weren't so busy (and had a dealers tag), I'd help you. Frankly, you should grasp this opportunity to see our large homeland. Seattle to Pompano is a mere 3,300 miles. You can fly to Fort Lauderdale on Alaska Air for $500-600 one way, $600 for return fuel and $480 for hotels. This leaves you $320 for food and cocktails. See the Rockies...See DENNIS. Take a picture so we can see the man.

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lindenengineering (06-12-2019)
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Default Re: Sprinter Shipping FL to WA issue

Yes driving across the USA is the tops.
I have done it four times in commercial vehicles so far, twice in train (a UK built Railbus ) North South-- South North (ultimately to Vic's neck of the woods) and West East/ East West driving a double decker 85 seater coach PLUS

Twice in car west/east east west and once South North.
That trip from New Orleans to Boston Mass almost got me into fist fight at a truck stop in Mississippi.
In that part of the world it seems they are still fighting the Civil War !!!
The Massachusetts license plate suggested I was a goddamn Yankee and that fancy Yankee accent was enough to make these truckers think I was hitten' upon & about to carry off "Our Daisy" behind the counter to more civilized parts of the USA. (Actually she was quite looker, a stunner in fact !). ( If I had dallied for while I might have!)!
This Cars clip always reminds me of one trip Miami to Hayweird Ca!

Lovely USA!
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irvingj (06-12-2019)
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Default Re: Sprinter Shipping FL to WA issue

You could always stop at Doctor A's in South Carolina for a quick check before heading west to Lindens in Colorado if there were any issues, or even if there were not. Good insurance and peace of mind is worth a little going out of your way. You can't go wrong with either of them.

I just wish we had someone in the San Diego area comparable. Happy Sprintering!
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Default Re: Sprinter Shipping FL to WA issue

If I hadn't just got back from two N-S transits of the continent, I'd volunteer the fly/drive. Worth it to see Andy and Dennis again.

Oh, and the landscape, too.
"Frito" : the potato chip truck. 04 Hi-Roof 140 cargo.9800 miles by PO
150K miles in 10 summers. Fuel, filters, oil, tires, bulbs, batteries, front brakes, serp belt and tensioner, upper charge air hose, Cyl 3 failing GP.
Accompanied and assisted by "Cheeto", a 2019 Rad Powerbikes Rad City Stepthrough.

"Travels With Frito" Global travels by van, motorcycle and other www.petercmclennan.com

Absent this forum, I'd never have bought a Sprinter.
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