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Default Re: Scangauge LOAD easily goes to 99

A bad, poorly connected, dirty etc MAF will also result in high load reported under low throttle conditions.
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Default Re: Scangauge LOAD easily goes to 99

Why not send your ScanGauge II (I hope you have a Scan Gauge II) back to Linear Logic LLC and have them upgrade it to the latest firmware.
Last time I sent mine in, it costs $25.00 and I had it back in about a week.
Then you will have all the latest features.
You can check the firmware version in your Scan Gauge II using the above link and see what version is in your Scan Gauge II.
The latest firmware upgrade will give you all the latest PIDs without having to
use the X-Gauge command strings.
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autostaretx (05-12-2018)
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Default Re: Scangauge LOAD easily goes to 99

Originally Posted by autostaretx View Post
When it's doing its normal gauge display, just press the button beside the item you want to change (overwrite).
That will cause that item to cycle to the next (and next and next) item in the list of available displays.
Just keep tapping until you reach MAP

It's that easy as-you're-driving front panel button action that make the ScanGauge my favorite monitor.

Old thread, I realize, but maybe my response will help someone else - the MAP/Boost selection first requires attention under Advanced Setup.

Use the lower buttons to select MAP here and then it will be available as one of the gauge settings by scrolling through as noted above.

I just bought my second SGII - the first was for my 2005 T1N Pleasure-Way Plateau TS with 53k miles, and I just got the other for my 2006 Mercedes-Benz E320 CDI with 205k miles; my goal is to learn to use the LOD reading to see how far I go on a tankful in the E320 because I need some way to keep the kid-in-a-candy-store feeling of the 369 lb-ft from bankrupting me with speeding fines.

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autostaretx (05-23-2019)
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Default Re: Scangauge LOAD easily goes to 99

RobertFini wrote: "MORE > ADV SETTINGS > MAP OR BOOST"

I have the ancient ScanGauge 1 ... it only offers MAP. (which i prefer, since that's what the Sprinter is really measuring)

BOOST is MAP less 14.9 psi ... unless it's sneaky and uses the actual barometric pressure instead of a fixed sea-level 14.9 value.

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Default Re: Scangauge LOAD easily goes to 99

Originally Posted by crockej View Post
Monitoring the LOAD goauge with my scangauge II on my 2005 sprinter (with 72k miles), it seems to quickly go to 99 under what seems to be minimal pedal pressure. It seems to have good acceleration though it doesn’t feel like the turbo is kicking in like it used to.
Your LOD shows how much of the currently available power you are using. So if your turbo is not working then your available power will be extremely low and hence your percentage usage of that available power will quickly hit 99% (the SGII cannot show 100%).

You need to find out why your turbo is not working, have you scanned for codes? I believe the SGII will give basic codes if you don't have any other code reader.

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