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Default Re: AMP Power Step

Yes, you will need a new harness. AMP should overnight it to you. The very first kits had the wrong harness shipped. The new ones are corrected now.

Mine are still going strong. They’ve lowered and raised over 100 times by now with no issue. Thanks to my 5 year old, who gets crazy excited to see them in action. He always wants to be the one who opens and closes a door. Too funny 😂
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Default Re: AMP Power Step

Originally Posted by TheHerd View Post
I would recommend moving the ground for the CAN-bus, further back to the Sprinter designated ground. It is a tight fit with large hands, but I was able to get the bolt off and back on. Had a magnet tool read on standby. If you cant reach it, there is another designated ground up in the A pillar, between the front window and driver side door. I don't think the regular bolt mentioned in the AMP instructions makes a great ground.
I think this worked. Thanks for the help. Only time will tell now.
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Default Re: AMP Power Step

At the Overland Expo I heard that the new CAN-bus connection with the new steps has an issue that I'm wondering if anyone has experienced. I heard that something with the CAN-bus communication can go to sleep, say when you are camping out without the keys in the ignition, and then when you try and open the door the step will not work.

Has anyone experienced this or confirm that this isn't an issue with the new CAN-bus connected AMP steps?

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