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Default Re: Help! Inverter alarm.

Thank you again for all the helpful replies.
Yes, only 1 house battery, ( a new one now,). ��
Hopefully they wired the new inverter to work with remote switch above sliding door. My old one was not wired, so I had to manually turn on/off on the device itself. The van is not at a RT dealer/service as none around me, but these RV repair guys are good! ��
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Default Re: Help! Inverter alarm.

Great -- hope it works!
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Default Re: Help! Inverter alarm.

We also leave the refrigerator 120v turned off and run on 12 volt. Our 2015 Etrek has a dedicated circuit breaker for the refrigerator's 120v outlet so that we can simply turn it off by flipping the breaker instead of dealing with the plugs. The solar panel keeps up with the demand, at least in the summer.

I was told that Roadtrek had said not to use the power saver setting on the inverter.
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