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T1N Westfalia
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Default FS: Seattle, WA, #234, 122k miles, $59k

Not mine. Two tone Westy for sale.


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T1N Westfalia
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Default Re: FS: Seattle, WA, #234, 122k miles, $59k

[Copied text from other For Sale Sprinter Vans subforum as info disappears after a few years. Interesting to note that a smaller Espar D2 replaced the larger D4S, and a new rooftop AC motor and compressor (unknown part info) replaced originals. ]

My wife and I live in downtown Seattle and have the opportunity to purchase the house we've been renting. To make our dream of owning this home come true, we must sell our beloved Sprinter Westfalia (aka "Walter Westy").
When we purchased Walter four years ago, he was in excellent, A+ engine/mechanical and A- physical shape, but numerous interior systems were broken, namely; the A/C, the Espar heater, the grey water, black water, and propane level sensors, the cd player and all the speakers. Since buying the van, we have invested over $15,000 in repairs, maintenance, and upgrades, making Walter Westy the ultimate "VanLife," go anywhere vehicle.

For full details and photos of our 2006 Sprinter Westfalia - please visit www.WalterWesty.com.

Price: $59,000 or best offer

Here is a list of features and known issues. Please visit our website and submit the interest form if you are interested in learning more.

Espar D2 Airtronic Heater - (UPGRADED)
Literally brand new this year. Less than a few hours ever used, if that (we installed this summer and it's been hot)
Digital temperature gauge - set it and forget it. Keeps the van at your ideal temperature
Same heater model as used in large yachts. This thing keeps the van at any temp you want, even if it's -20F outside.
Low profile 110/12V Kerstner roof air conditioner
Was broken when we purchased. Replaced the motor and compressor. Now blows very cold.
Wish we didn't waste all the money on this upgrade as we've never once used it since installing the Fantastic Fan (See: Wet Bath section below)
Like New Generator​
Has less than 25 hours of use. Perfect operating condition​
Central Computer Head Unit (UPGRADED)
This unit was all but broken when we purchased. You had to use all of your might to press the buttons​ and get a response.
New contact points were installed throughout - now it works flawlessly
Custom Black Out Partition (UPGRADED)​
Installed hooks concealed in the hidden tabletop compartment and sewed a blackout curtain to fit the widt​h of the van. From the exterior, this partition makes it look like a cargo van. We've gotten away with sleeping in "No RV Parking" spots countless times because of this
LED trim lighting (UPGRADED)
TV Antenna - boomerang style
Cable TV & telephone hook-ups (1 each)
Smoke, carbon monoxide, and LPG detectors


Two propane, stovetop burners​
Warming rack
Microwave (we took it out for more storage, but have the original)
Large roll top cabinet​ w/storage above
Cutlery and kitchen tools drawer
Two large cabinets below the sink
Two side cabinets for additional storage
Large, countertop storage bin
2.1 cubic foot Refrigerator/Freezer combo​
Heat-insulated vent windows in roof
Heat-insulated vent windows in roof
LED lighting (partially UPGRADED)

Shower - with piping hot water for way better than expected showers!
Under sink storage
Clothes drying rack
Fantastic Fan (UPGRADED)
This fan was very expensive, but we'd buy it again in a heartbeat. Instead of using the loud A/C unit that eats up your propane, we simply turn this on and crack a window near the bed, creating the perfect breeze that will keep you cool all year long.​

Pioneer Bluetooth/MP3/CD Player (UPGRADED)​​​
Speakers (UPGRADED)
You'll never get amazing sound in this van, but this is as good as it gets without cutting into the van. The speaker ports only hold 4" speakers. The only way I've seen to get quality sound is to cut the dash and refab it to accommodate 6" speakers​ and add mounted tweeters.
Swivel seats for driver and front passenger
Driver and front passenger air bags
3-way adjustable driver seat
3-point seatbelts and head restraints for all seats
automotive Air Conditioning
AM/FM stereo with single CD player & two 20 watt speakers
Power windows, mirrors, and doors
Power door locks with remote keyless entry

Large power skylight with remote and rain sensor
Integrated screens/shades on all windows and skylight
Heat-insulated vent windows in roof
Laminate countertops
Vinyl flooring throughout
Storage racks - rear doors
Built-in safe
Roof bed - 66 x 48 with high comfort springs, safety net
Mattress (UPGRADED)
RV mattresses are notorious uncomfortable. While this one is better than most because of the comfort springs,​ we knew we could do better.
Customized a 2.5inch dense memory foam mattress topper and sewed sheets to fits the bed.
SERIOUS UPGRADE over every other Sprinter Westfalia on the road
Sofa - converts into a 64 x 42 double bed
Not all things are created equal...like Televisions from 2005, so I removed it. If you really want a tv, you can buy a 1080p for < $200​
Large removable dining table and side folding table
Main switch for 12V supply and water pump
12V fluorescent lighting with R.F.I. ballast under overheads (UPGRADED)
Many of the fluorescent lights with high efficiency LEDs​, resulting in longer cabin battery life
2.5KW generator with remote start
30 amp power hookups

External power connection
UPGRADED - power hookup adapter - takes up far less storage space than the original cable (which we have)​
External fresh and wastewater connections
Outdoor shower (UPGRADED)
This was broken when we bought it. We had a custom coupler made and refit. Now we use it all the time for hosing off our hiking boots and our gear.​
Propane tank permanently mounted under vehicle 28 lbs.
Fresh water tank with drain 26.4 gal.
Gray water tank 18.5 gal.
Black water tank 9.6 gal.
Fire extinguisher
City water hook-up
Gravity fresh water fill
RV Stickers (UPGRADED)
We removed all of the UGLY stickers that made the van look like a geriatrics transport vehicle. They were professionally removed and there isn't the slightest fade or outline remaining. Cost nearly $600 to have done, but we simply couldn't stand how hideous it looked with them on there​

2500 Mercedes Sprinter Van with unibody construction
Mercedes Benz CDI Turbo Diesel Engine
5 in-line Cylinders with 2.7L Total displacement
Horsepower 154 @3,800 rpm
Maximum torque 244 lb-ft @ 1,600-2,400 rpm
Towing capacity/hitch tongue weight 5,000 lbs./500 lbs.
Fuel capacity 26.4 gal.
GCWR (Gross Combined Weight Rating) 13,550 lbs.
GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) 8,550 lbs.
UBW (Unit Base Weight) 7,100 lbs.
NCC (Net Carrying Capacity) 1,450 lbs.
Turning radius 21 Wheel base 140 50 state emissions
Goodyear Radial tires with alloy wheels
14V/200-amp alternator & 2 auxiliary 85 amp hour gel batteries
Towing hitch
Seating capacity/Sleeping capacity 5/4
Exterior length 185
Exterior width 63
Exterior height with A/C 11
Interior head room - sofa location/living area 79
Interior width - floor 58 Cabin door width 35


ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
BAS (Brake Assist System)
ASSYST maintenance monitoring system
5 speed automatic transmission
Electronic tachometer and cruise control
Front independent suspension with front & rear stabilizer bars
Heavy-duty front and rear shock absorbers
Four-wheel ABS and disc brakes
EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution)
Acceleration Skid Control
Seat belt Extenders ($50 UPGRADE)

Known Issues
Small dent on front left bumper
Surface level scratches on drivers side rear panel
Minor dings and scratches on edges of counter tops - we have the coating paint to cover them up.
OEM clasp to keep the rooftop blackout curtain shut - We use a hair clip and it works perfectly
Fresh water tank sensor (was broken when we got it. New system installed - just needs a line drawn to the tank and it'll work perfectly
Propane sensor - new one costs $35 on amazon and snaps on - new line was just drawn for it.
Plastic latch for driver's side bay window - one of them is broken - still fully operable
Small crack in sliding door interior plastic panel
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Default Re: FS: Seattle, WA, #234, 122k miles, $59k

Pretty sure that van was a rental on Outdoorsy: https://www.outdoorsy.com/rv-rental/..._41410-listing

I admit, I have thought about it to pad the kitty a little bit, but just can't quite pull the trigger. As much as I love our van, I feel like there are just certain things you have to learn how to do to operate it correctly, or things that need to be used firmly but gently (window clasps, awning legs, stepping on the toilet flush, securing water pumps when driving etc etc.). Unless I had a couple hours with someone, I don't think I'd sleep well knowing someone else was in there mashing buttons and slamming doors.

Has anyone else decided to rent out theirs when not in use? Tips for success if you did?

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Default Re: FS: Seattle, WA, #234, 122k miles, $59k

You could rent them exclusively to European James Cook Owners. They should know how to handle everything besides the toilet flush.


PS: my forum would be the best place to reach out to them.
Locate other Westy owners on my Next Westy Map: http://nextwesty.djc5.de
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