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Default Replacing macerator hose for 2016 Roadtrek

Really appreciate this Forum since Roadtrek went AWOL with our Parts & Warranty. It’s forced me onto this Forum and I am a better man because of it!

Have 2016 Roadtrek Etrek with cracked green Kanaflex hose and need to replace

Would like to try another brand since the Kanaflex seems to stiff for retractable small sized storage bin - so the hose eventually cracks.

I have some confusion on whether the previous posts for Roadtrek hoses have the same macerator set up as mine (retractable) so not sure we are comparing apples to apples.

I have a Shurflo 3200-200. I believe hose is 1” & about 8-9ft. Wondering whether Sani-con hose from Thetford company is too ‘soft’ to push back into Shurflo Macerator?
Buy 21’ and cut the hose?
Also would appreciate some reviews on Sani-con compared to other hoses?
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Default Re: Replacing macerator hose for 2016 Roadtrek

I haven't had any issues with the hose yet, but do a search -- I know there's a thread on here about replacing that hose.
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Default Re: Replacing macerator hose for 2016 Roadtrek

The Saniford/Thetford expanable hose is very flexible and will fit in tiny compartments like my LTV Serenity. Just be sure that it is the expandable (8 feet to 21 feet) one. I would not recommend cutting it because the corrugation would make it difficult to get a good seal for the end piece. These hoses do eventually break, especially if a full hose is dragged on crushed stone. I put a flexible web sheath around mine to protect it.
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Default Re: Replacing macerator hose for 2016 Roadtrek

Here are some conversations about replacing the hose, which I saved for future reference:
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Default Re: Replacing macerator hose for 2016 Roadtrek


Read through this............
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