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Default Mercedes-Benz support

We have a 2017 Unity Fox that we bought used with 2550 miles on it. Still has a year warranty on the Sprinter chassis.

May 13th we left for Bothel, WA (just south of Seattle) to join up with 21 other LTV owners and the Southwest Roadrunners Group for a 2 month trip to Canada and Alaska. Our chairperson and his wife, Dennis & Darlene Thorig planned this caravan along with some terrific help from other members. The real advantage was the knowledge and support of like owners who have experiences that transcend what could have been difficulties.

Of course, nearly all of us became members of “Chip in the Windshield” club but other members had ideas to stop the growing crack with Gorilla Tape until we could find local windshield repair service.

A time on a logging road adventure brought suggestions and assistance in cleaning our rigs including the cabin and engine air filters until replacements could be found. Several of us lost door brackets and one member had spares. We even had spare propane regulators for several owners whose older rigs were having issues.

Several campgrounds were washed out due to extended rains and the travel plans and reservations were quickly changed. We had planned for all 22 RVs to hitch a ride from Haines, AK to Skagway, AK but the ferry broke down so many members drove there instead.

Our chairperson’s older Sprinter broke down in Alaska. The local Freightliner dealer (services Mercedes-Benz Sprinters) was able to assist them with a loaner car while they waited for 10 days to obtain parts for repair. They eventually rejoined with us in Whitehorse on the return trip.

My own Unity’s transmission failed as we pulled into Williams Lake Stampede Campground for an evening on a a Sunday. Unfortunately, the local Freightliner was an independent and did not work on Sprinters. Mercedes Canada arranged a tow to Kamloops, BC, about 288 km and afourvhour drive, where Zimmer Mercedes would take a look at it.

The transmission fluid was burnt with evidence of metal filings in the fluid. A new transmission and torque converter were needed. The dealer plugged us into AC and let us boondock on their property along with the use of a loaner car. The parts are coming from Toronta, CA. Today is Zfriday. We have been here since Monday. Our expected departure date is Thursday or Friday next week.

Zimmer Mercedes-Benz of Kamloops couln’t have been more accommodating. All of their employees deserve a round of applause for putting up with us and our two small dogs. The only complaint/concern I have is with the delay in obtaining parts.

I totally understand that it is nit the dealer’s obligation to stock parts for every vehicle. That is not practice. However, it does seem that the parts could have been closer, say Vancouver rather than a Toronto. This probably would have saved us a week delay in our trip. In fact another Sprinter RV, a Winnebago came in yesterday and just starting their trip, and they will have to wait until next Monday or Tuesday to continue on.

Don’t blame the Mercedes dealer or the Freightliner dealer or even LTV. These things happen. Both vehicles are under warranty. My suggestion is for Mercedes to consider expanding their parts inventory to be more available. This is a terrific chassis to base a Motorhome on. Many manufacturers have proved this out. Don’t let a small limitation like this hold any potential sales back. Stock at least one of everything for more recent vehicles in more locations. As inventory is used, replace it. Let’s make Mercedes-Benz based RVs the envy of the RvV market.

Once again, thanks LTV for making a great coach. Thanks a Freightliner for servicing our vehicles. Thank you very much Zimmer Mercedes of Kamloops for Tyler, Marc and all of your team for your support and assistance. And thank you Mercedes. It is still worth it.

Greg & Marsha Locke

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