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Default Re: Installing a CR Laurence window in the sliding door

Originally Posted by Sthomas35 View Post
Has anyone had to cut the interior sheet metal that defines a Sprinter's factory window cutout to install C.R. Laurence windows in the sides of a Sprinter (sliding door and driverís side)? We've cut out the sheet metal to the factory stamp cut-line and the CRL windows do not fit. The vertical portion of the aluminum window frame is supposed to be straight, but the vertical portion of our window frames that is located towards the front of the van where the window frame is joined together bows out more than a 1/4" per the first attached photo.

The top, bottom and back vertical window frame members are all straight and seem to fit the van's cutout fine, but these windows will not fit without cutting more than a 1/4" into the second layer of the van's sheet metal that defines the factory window cutout as seen in the second attached photo showing the window sitting in the opening.

So our options are cutting more than a 1/4" into the second layer of sheet metal that defines the van's factory window cutout so the CRL windows we have fit, or returning the windows and requesting replacement windows that are straight because this seems to be a manufacturing defect.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with C.R. Laurence windows? If so what did you do? Thanks!
My windows have the same bend on the forward edge. I was conservative on the slider cut and wound up spending ample time with an angle grinder and file taking the edge down. I did take it into the second layer of metal but not more than 1/8". From what I could tell, the window was being pushed forward because I hadn't cut the back corners well enough.

I would revisit those rear corners and make sure you've dialed in the cut to the OEM stamping. I used a 120 grit disc and it worked well. Good luck.
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