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Default Mice

Our Unity MB has been parked in our covered parking area since mid Feb and yesterday we found evidence of mice inside! Since mice can't fly or jump very far I figured they were getting up to the undercarriage via the tires then I remembered that last week I put the stabilizer jacks down and it gave them a perfect little ramp to get up there. I trapped two inside and raised the jacks so we'll see. I think I will also try some peppermint oil on cotton balls which I've heard works well as they don't like that smell. Mothballs are supposed to work too but that would keep me out as well! Anyone else had this problem? I need to take a closer look at where they would be able to get inside from the undercarriage as well.
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Peter Tourin
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Default Re: Mice

They're a pain. We have a friend who used to leave his SUV at our place in VT over the winter - he was a biathlon guy, so travelled all Winter for the World Cup circuit. One winter mice got into his heating ducts and died - $1100 to have a shop tear the ducting out and clean things up. Pays to mouseproof any way you can.
Peter Tourin
2012 Leisure Travel Unity MB
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Default Re: Mice


I've used a product called "fresh cab" with very good results (check Amazon). It's a very big tea bag filled with ground corn cobs impregnated with some oils that smell mostly of basalm. I put 4 bags in our Road Trek and no more mice. In addition I mined the wheel areas at ground level with mice/rat feeding stations, but I haven't noticed that they have very much activity.

Bob Skillman
Ellicott City, MD
2011 Roadtrek RS
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Default Re: Mice

I parked my rig in a barn for most of 5 months last summer. Granted summer isn't as big of a problem for mice, but I put a bag of Fresh Cab on eat tire and didn't have any mice.
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Default Re: Mice

Better than ants.

Had thousands of them take up residence in the cabin air system after 2 months parked in miami.

Turn on the vehicle (fan on 4 of course) and thousands of ants fly out all over me and a young girl i though would scream for sure! She held her composure!
2005 T1N Conversion
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Default Re: Mice

Mice love Sprinters. They got into the area under my driver's seat and chewed through multiple wires. Still have a problem with the door remote.
2004 140 SHC Dog hauler and steel tent
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Default Re: Mice

Something that works for pack rats in Tucson is put a light under the rv at night. We had mice while camping & they use the tires to get in. The sticky traps at Ace or Home Depot work well, be sure & check every coupe of days. Believe me mice are nothing compared to pack rats, they are too big to get in the rv, so they chew everthing rubber in the engine,wires, vacuum lines, sparkplug wires, etc.
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