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Default Re: Auxiliary fuel line in a 2006?

Originally Posted by Zundfolge View Post
I understand the urge to get around dropping the tank but it truly is not as bad as it sounds. If you get hung up we'll help you. Gotta pay the price for heat, but it's worth it many times over. You know what they say, installing a heater warms you twice...
To be honest, it isn't dropping the tank that I causing my hesitation. It is drilling through the fuel pump cartridge. Im worried that I might drill in the wrong spot and mess with the fuel gauge float. Im also seeing the price on the Webasto:-5000553A. $90! yikes. Not to sound cheap but this conversation is costing me an arm and a leg. HAHA! the t-spliter would have been about $5.00. Oh well
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Default Re: Auxiliary fuel line in a 2006?

I just ordered this from eBay. Looks like it would work just fine. Much cheaper option if it works out. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Webasto-fue...53.m2749.l2649
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Default Re: Auxiliary fuel line in a 2006?

I would remove the sender before drilling...
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Default Re: Auxiliary fuel line in a 2006?

Success!!!!! The line is run and the heater is working! I wanted to provide some photos and some tips for anyone who has to go through this.

SO as stated in this thread, my sprinter DID NOT have an auxiliary fuel line. I had to drop the gas tank and drill through the fuel pump. Heres how I did it.

1. The fuel tank is held up by two straps. Best to start this project with an empty or close to empty tank. The mount to the bottom of the van is held up with two 1/2 sized bolts. Loosen the bolts, slide a jack under the tank with a piece of wood to distribute the weight evenly and lower the tank.

2. The fuel inlet and vent are connected by hose clamps. Loosen the clamps and slide the tank out of place.

3. Disconnect the electrical connection on the fuel pump.

4. There are 2 or three additional fuel lines that need to be disconnected before the tank can be fully removed. Use a pair of pliers to break the clamps and remove the fuel line. You cannot re-use these clamps. I removed the clamps on the fuel pump side.

5. Once the tank is out from under the van, loosen the cap that holds the pump in place. Try not to let the pump spin around or you might damage the float level sensor.

6. You will need to purchase an auxiliary fuel line. Heres the one I got:


Webasto also sells one. Heres the part number: Webasto # 5000553

7. Drill a hole through the top of the fuel pump in a place that will not interfere with the float. Use a bit that is just slightly larger than your new fuel line. Then bend it in a way that will sit in the bottom of the tank and not interfere with anything. The pump compresses with springs when it sits in the tank, so keep that in mind.

8. tighten everything up, check that everything is tight and put it all back in place

This video was helpful:

Here are pictures of mine completed: Sorry the photos aren't more detailed.

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