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Default Shudder/vibration on take off

I have a 2005 2.1 litre 118" passenger van with the sprintshift transmission with 128k miles.
I'm getting a fairly bad shudder through the floor and up through my legs when pulling away in first gear. This is worse under load and when warmed up fully.

Sometimes in slow moving traffic after slowing down in second gear it will lurch and jerk forward until it catches, then it's smooth. I get around this by stopping fully and ensuring I'm in first.

There is absolutely no sign of clutch slippage and when moving along she changes up and down smoothly and seamlessly apart from an slight agricultural "clunk" when slowing and changing down heard through the floor in the back. Slight humming drone noise coming through the floor at 60-65mph.

Any ideas? I'm thinking possible causes are worn clutch, dual-mass flywheel, pressure plate, transmission mount, driveshaft, carrier bearing, rear diff, egr valve or even injectors?

I changed both oils in the transmission two years ago but it showed these symptoms prior. There are no EML lights on.

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Default Re: Shudder/vibration on take off

A clutch re learn may help. Your clutch may need burnished, but I am not sure how to do that on as sprintshift.
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Eric Experience
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Default Re: Shudder/vibration on take off

I know very little about Sprintshifts but it is similar to a manual, Your symptoms in a manual would indicate a faulty right side engine mount. Eric.
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Default Re: Shudder/vibration on take off

+1 on mounts. If you rev the engine with the transmission in park you’ll probably see excessive movement. It’s a good idea to replace both motor mounts and the transmission mount at the same time to save yourself some hassle further down the road
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