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Default My first build: 2013 2500 170" WB

Hey Sprinter Forum,

Next week I am kicking off the build on my 2013 2500 Sprinter van with 170" wheel base. I will probably start a blog at some point but this seems as good as place as any to document the build.

A little back story.

I got the van back in June and have been dragging my feet/dealing with other issues since then. When I originally bought the van I thought I had found an alright deal but the van entered limp mode just minutes after driving it off the lot. After getting it checked out at the dealership I was told the van I just bought needed a new intake manifold for the low low price of $3500.

I didn't want to spend that much so while researching the issue I discovered a mechanic on the west side of Michigan named Clay who had a youtube channel. He told me had done the job in the past and was able to do it a bit cheaper. You can check out the video of the repair HERE. While the engine was no longer in limp mode for some reason the coolant temp sensor we replaced in the process is throwing a code for being grounded. We couldn't figure it out at Clay's shop and when I asked at my next time at the dealership they told me they think the sensor was bad. Since they wanted $500 to replace it I just put it on my to do list.

About a month or two after that I bought a Nations Alternator kit and had Clay help me install it. The video should be out soon but the install was pretty simple. Unfortunately a belt slipped a short while after breaking my fan and gumming up a belt wheel with melted rubber. I fixed the fan and had the dealership fix the pulley and tensioner.

That basically brings me to today.

Over the next 45 days I will be working on the van full time trying to get it done in my garage before I close on the sale of my home.

This spread sheet HERE is kind of a combo of a parts, costs and to-do list for the project.

I also attached a sketchup of my general layout that I am going for which consists of a bed with storage below, a kitchen with running water, a desk area and a shower.

Starting Monday I'll start updating this thread nearly daily with whatever my progress was. Monday should be cleaning the inside panel and re-gluing some popped body panels.
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Default Re: My first build: 2013 2500 170" WB

Hi, looks like you are well on your way to a nice van.

I didn't look at your attachment because - well frankly I am hesitant about opening a compressed file that I can't really know what it contains.

Perhaps you can find a way to make it less intimidating to access the info?

I did look at the spreadsheet parts list / budget estimate. It is a good start for the major components. The part that always surprises people is the cost of all of those little things can add up to be more than the cost of the more obvious items.

When I worked as an engineering co-op at a chemical plant (a long time ago) one of my observations was that you could estimate a project surprisingly well by taking:

( the bigger ticket items price) x ( 2 - 3x for installation of it) = total estimated budget.

Since we build van electrical systems every day, I have a pretty detailed parts spreadsheet, but still I am always amazed at how many little things go into making it all work. Funny enough, the total estimated budget formula is still remarkably accurate.
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Default Re: My first build: 2013 2500 170" WB

Welcome aboard. I didn't see it in your post, but what is your plan for the van?
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