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Default coach heater

Hi, Does anyone have information on the coach heater. Mine will not fire. I am having trouble finding anyone to work on it. Thanks for any input.
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Default Re: coach heater

There are many many threads on the coach heater in this subforum. Would take quite awhile to read them.

The threads cover (a) unique Westfalia specific electronic control unit and wiring harness, (b) diagnostics using the central computer console, (c) other diagnostic tools, (d) incompatibilities of controllers and electronic control units, (e) issues and various possible solutions (altitude, hours used, maintenance, etc.), (f) service providers, (g) alternative Webasto heater and new Espar model, etc.

Also, more detail can be helpful, such as your geographic location, original Westy owner or not so know whether original heater or not, any modifications or using original central computer console, previous operation of heater (how much use), any prior maintenance, when issue arose and in what conditions, what happens when switch heater on???, etc.

The annual Labor Day Westyfest can be fun and a great way to share info. There is also a July Vancouver, Washington, get-together with the James Cook Friends Forum administrator from Germany.

If you don't want to wade through all the detail, you could ask for service providers in a given location.

By the way, were you able to resolve prior issues with T21 recall, water pump and switch, Heki, etc.?
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Default Re: coach heater

Remember the simple factors for heater operation first:

1) Cabin batteries fully charged

2) Diesel fuel in tank over 1/4 tank

3) Control set well over inside temperature and set ON.

I found mine very sensitive to voltage level. Frequent use is crucial too.

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