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Default How to order question

I am looking at trading in my 2014 passenger to order a 2019 passenger. Is there a US dealer that is better than others? Are there any incentives? What should I beware of? I am looking at doing at least the CO1, CO3, X68, X13, X70 and X71 packages. Should I go for the X11 air condition package?

Figure base price of 48990
C01: 1140
CO3: 2530
X68: 1610
X13: 1520
X70: 1540
X71: 1520

Should land me around 58,850 plus fees. Thoughts?
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Default Re: How to order question

You porobably won't be able to get a 2019 at this point. Ordered mine in January and they are building it in August...2020s are coming up soon.
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