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Default New (to me) Westy - Question time!

So, I have a new to me Westy (YES!) and have a number of questions / concerns:
1. Generator is not working (was a leak, lines have been capped), wondering how straight-forward it is for an RV shop to work on this thing?
2. Roof-top AC unit is loud / rattly. Anything obvious to look at?
3. Can the ALT really drive the roof-top AC, and will it automatically switch off when parked?
4. Roof sky-light doesn't open - PITA?
5. Has anyone replaced the house batteries with LiPo, and if so was it successful without changing other aspects of the house electrical system, and what model of batteries did you use? I'm leaning towards BattleBorn.
6. Control Panel - the buttons are virtually impossible to push, can this be removed and contacts cleaned? Or can this be removed, purchased somewhere, and replaced?
7. Engine temps - how hot is too hot? This thing will easily get to the notch before reaching the red area of thermostat - perhaps 190-200ish? Down-shifting to 3rd will drop it a bit.
8. Front AC - this AC seems to work only when on coldest setting - trying to adjust that setting at all is producing warm air at the vents?!
9. Tires - some small checking of the tire side-walls near wheel. Replace all four tires? If so, preferred brands?
10. Where do people keep all their stuff?! Stroller, golf clubs, etc. I'm thinking i'll have to stand my clubs up in the bathroom :p
11. CHILD SEAT - has anyone ever attached a tether point to the seat-frame material? Has anyone ever welded in child-seat anchors without compromising the ability to fold the seat?
12. Sliding bench seat lubrication - this thing is a real PITA to slide in the tracks, going to use some dry-lube as a starting point, make sense?
13. Steering wheel is a bit uncomfortable - anybody found a plug-and-play one that is a bit more comfortable? Would also be nice to get rid of the last Dodge badge on this van ;)
14. Sliding Door goes clunkity clunkity clunk, the roller in top rail seems lumpy - trivial fix for any sprinter familiar shop? Or special door HW just for these models?

That's probably a good start :p
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