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Question leaking thru the bathroom vent

On a recent trip to the coast here in southern Oregon, I encountered a significant rain/wind storm. Great fun watching the waves crashing on the shore. I discovered water leaking into the bathroom through the manually opening vent (it was closed). The water was some how getting in then dripping down the inside of the vent frame. An inspection of the vent from the outside hasn't uncovered an obvious source. All the screw heads of screws which secure the vent to the roof and the opening lid to the vent frame have latex caps on them. Seems possible that with the magnitude of rain & wind encountered water could be getting under the caps and entering around the screw shafts. I haven't found a crack in the plastic vent frame. Anyone else had this problem and found a source for the leak??
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Default Re: leaking thru the bathroom vent

Had the same issue and it turned out to be the AC seal on the roof top AC unit. Best of luck
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Default Re: leaking thru the bathroom vent

You don’t mention the year of your PW or how old the bathroom vent is, but they don’t last forever. The screws are ‘sealed’ with silicone, which easily pops off and doesn’t adhere to the plastic vent very well. With the driving rain, it could have been splashing upwards and coming in through the lid seal no matter what. Is it still leaking in regular rain?
The vents are easily found on amazon and aren’t that expensive. The lid does come off if the rest of it is fine and just the lid needs replacing, however, they’re not sold separately, so you have to buy the whole thing for just the lid. Luckily they’re not that expensive. I’ve yet to replace my whole vent (it’s overdue now), but I’ve replaced the lid a couple of times. The UV really eats those up. Look for Elixir 9” roof vent. You can get the Colonial White, which is the yellow you likely have now or you can get an actual white one. Depends on what you’re replacing if you wanted to change colour or not.
Anyways, hope that helps some.

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bathroom, leak, vent

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