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Default Radio circuit change

I do not yet have my Sprinter, but assume the radio shuts off after 10 minutes or so like my other vehicles after the ignition is turned off.

I am going to have the factory auxiliary battery and am wondering if anyone has rewired their radio (MBUX) to the aux battery so it can be used after the engine is shut down.


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Default Re: Radio circuit change

had the same thought but was afraid of opening up the dashboard and messing with it. This feels like one of those things where the dealer denies your claim because you messed with the dashboard wiring no matter how trivial.

I installed a "marine" shallow depth head unit just inside the right rear door and tied it to the aux battery. A pair of 6" speakers in the rear quarter panels and a super small 30 watt per channel amp round out the beach audio system for when the car is off so it sounds great but doesn't draw a lot of 12v power.


plays BT audio from the phone (pandora or spotify)

its in the back but for me the van in beach mode means the rear doors are opened up
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