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Default Sprinter service provider west Toronto

Any one can help recommend a service provider near west Toronto? Mine just hit 30k km, visited Benz van dealer this morning, the ask service Prince is $500++ for 3 services. Itís a little too much for me.

Is it worthy to service our van by dealer? Please kindly suggest.
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Default Re: Sprinter service provider west Toronto

My first thought is that if you can’t afford $500 + for a service you best sell the unit now as future service visits will likely be even more $$$

From following this forum for a few years the sense I get is that MB Dealer service at an MB shop with Sprinter specialty team and equipment is generally the recommendation for owners who are not themselves trained on modern vehicle diagnostics.
If we had a Lindenengineering private shop as his in Colorado that would be an exception but I haven’t learned of such independent shop expertise in SW Ontario.

London as my closest MB Sprinter specialty shop and it was recommended to me by a Sprinter fleet, passenger service operator who’s base was a 7 hour drive away. London was where he took his vehicles for service.

However, given the volume of Sprinters I see at MB in Burlington I suspect they may be a good choice.

I’m now based in Vancouver where I believe I have found a reliable MB shop, not cheap here either but I continiously read on this site of problems I’ve not had including being stranded on the side of the Highway. Ive crossed Canada from Ontario to BC and back six times without incident and I believe part of that is thanks to qualified MB dealer service.
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Default Re: Sprinter service provider west Toronto

Hi, I've used Vince at VIP Service near Pearson airport and he was excellent. Not much web presence these are the details: https://411.ca/business/profile/7270501
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