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2010 Pleasureway Plateau
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Default 2010 Pleasureway Plateau Newbie needs help

I've just purchased and taken home a 2010 Pleasureway Plateau [Mercedes-Benz]. The LP Gas Propane detector beeps thanks to low coach battery. Questions:

1. Where is the coach battery?
2. How to charge it?

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Default Re: 2010 Pleasureway Plateau Newbie needs help

Not directly related to PW, but every battery bank owner should read,, and understand the following:http://www.batteryfaq.org/


Welcome,, and good luck,

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Default Re: 2010 Pleasureway Plateau Newbie needs help

Hi Michael 400,
If you are "on the road" check your owners manual about where the the house battery switch is.
Make sure the house battery is turned on when you are traveling so the alternator can charge it.
If you are stopped, plug in your 110V plug. There would normally be an inverter in the system somewhere to charge the house battery (again make sure the house battery switch is turned to the "ON" position.
The most common places for the house battery are in the engine compartment....if there's a battery under the hood, it's the house battery because the engine starting battery is under the drivers floorboards.
Another popular location is under the RH side entry step.
Hope this helps,
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Default Re: 2010 Pleasureway Plateau Newbie needs help

I own a Pleasure Way Plateau but it is an '05. They have changed battery locations frequently so you need specific year details. One is the owners manual as a post already suggests. Another is the factory. I also suggest that you join the Yahoo PleasureWay owners group where there are many owners and I am sure one will have a year like yours. Finally, I am surprised the place where you bought it did not give you a walk-through to show you details about your unit; if they are near, I would visit and demand their explanation why your coach batteries are already discharged... Al
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Default Re: 2010 Pleasureway Plateau Newbie needs help

From the above linked battery info: a battery left in a sate of charge less than ~75% will kill it very quickly. Batteries need to be charged back to near 100% with in a few days. If you are getting a low voltge situation, and you are not recharging, you re going to prematurely kill your batteries.

It should be noted that most RVs have large phantom loads (largely from the battery isolator relay) 24/7 which lead the batteries to fail much sooner. Even with the battery switch "off" they will draw nearly 1 amp. It is almost essential to install a positive off switch so that you can turn off the load when idle for a few days. Just another FYI, 1 amp, over 24 hours is 24 ah. Most RV batteries at in the 200 ah range, so 4 days of 1 amp draw would BR almost 1/2 the battery capacity. Regardless of wht the battery sellers like to tell you, routinely discharging a deep cycle to 50% or more is a recipe for short battery life. Ideally, a routine discharge of ~20% is ideal for the longer battery life.

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