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Default On the road to Navplion...Greece

The Road to Navplion

On winding trails, sans map or plan,
As Jason once pursued the fleece;
Just past my youth, not yet a man,
In a lemon-yellow, Sprinter van,
Roamed we the ancient hills of Greece.

My friend, a winsome English Lass,
Showed me the sunrise o’er Sunion.
Then west, through Athens’ sprawling mass,
Racing time, the miles flew past,
On the endless road t’ward Navplion.

We dined on Feta cheese and bread,
And sipped a spicy local wine.
I dozed until she laughed and said,
As she bounced an olive off my head,
“Come now, lad, we’re wasting time!”

Hand-in-hand we passed an hour,
In the narrow streets of old Korinth.
We purchased beads, and a spray of flowers,
And watched a sudden drenching shower,
From beneath a pastry vendor’s tent.

We chased the day as it ebbed and flowed,
Then, with endless journey nigh complete,
The sun went down with a golden glow,
And with campfire flames a’flickering low,
We lazed upon a white sand beach.

Aye, that was a magic night, my boys,
We counted every star above;
And shared our hopes and dreams, and joys.
I knew, as I listened to her lilting voice,
I’d lost my friend, but found a love.

Old Master

Copyright © 2000; Old Master, Hampton, SC; All Rights Reserved
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