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Default Espar 7 day timer is a pain to program, so I added a remote

My old car had remote start but I didn’t want to go attacking my harness and deal with skreem, wait to start etc etc

The Espar gets the cabin and engine warm but preset only works for 3 days and have to remember to set it.

I bought one of these

Mini Relay Wireless Switch 12V 433Mhz Remote Control Relay Switch, Secure 1-Channel Micro Receiver with Transmitter System in Latched Mode DC 3.7V 5V 6V 7V 9V 12V https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077ZQMQDZ..._CPsjEb9FNDBRQ

It would be possible to get a 10A version of this, but this would be up to you to remember to switch it off! I didn’t want to chance a pocket dial and run the battery flat. So I ordered this

Timer Relay, DROK Time Delay Relay DC 5V 12V 24V Delay Controller Board Delay-off Cycle Timer 0.01s-9999mins Trigger Delay Switching Relay Module with LCD Display Support Micro USB 5V Power Supply https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DFT2WDS..._dSsjEb6ZDA647

To support a timeout.

I configured the modules as follows

RF: Momentary

This is set by soldering two pad together and sends a pulse whenever A is pressed. B does nothing

Timer: P3 mode

This starts timer on pulse, and a second pulse cancels. Timeout also cancels the output.


I spliced into + (red) and - (brown) And cut the yellow at the 7 day timer

RF module

+ wired to +
- wired to -
Com wired to +
NO wired to timer signal high

Timer module

+ wired to +
- wired to -
Input reference wired to -
Input high from RF NO
Output COM wired to yellow leaving console
Output NC wired to yellow coming from 7 day time
Output NO wired to + (this wire match factory gauge)

I wired this at my bench as a subassembly with main + and - wires leaving and splicing in easily. Cutting the yellow wire and fed right into screw terminals of the output relay.

In normal state the 7 day timer is in control through the NC contacts. When the timer is triggered by the RF module, it isolates the 7 day timer and connects the trigger to +. No back driving the 7 day timer.


Pry the 7 day timer up and disconnect.
Pry shifter trim up
Unscrew one on left side under trim piece
Unscrew one under 7 day timer
Unscrew two underneath I think to remove the larger console piece

This gives lots of room too work. Lots of slack in the wires. I used VHB and stuck my subassembly to the side of the shifter bracket and reassembled. I did hot glue some wire loom over the programming buttons to prevent accidental pressing after I set it to 60 minutes.

I have not tested range but it works from my kitchen which is all that I need. I press the button when I make coffee, shower and by the time I get to work the cycle is complete.

Uses a few mA at rest and additional 50 mA when engaged
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