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Default Replacement Xenon headlight cover/pod?

My 2008 2500 is showing some dulling and opaqueness in the headlight covers.

I've had a little experience with kits to "restore" the shiny surface and haven't been impressed with either immediate results or longevity. I suspect the actual clear plastic is, in some way, degrading in the sunlight.

Replacement pods/covers are all over the place on eBay for the halogen systems, but I've found nothing for the xenon.

The dealer quotes $2700 per corner for a complete new assembly. Aftermarket for a complete assembly seems to be around $1900. Both figures are way out of range for what is needed.

So, has anyone found a source for a good-quality replacement front cover or pod?


/hank watts
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Default Re: Replacement Xenon headlight cover/pod?

I have used ones in very good shape from a 2015 sprinter NCV3. If they fit your vehicle, I will sell them to you. Contact via PM
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