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Default Upgraded Tiffin Wayfarer 24BW sound system

I updated the sound system in my 2018 Tiffin Wayfarer 24 BW last weekend. First on my list was adding an Alpine Head Unit to the pitifully weak Jensen JWM90A RV house system. The speakers in the roof are decent 3-ways, but if the roof air conditioner or electric heater kicks in, good luck hearing the TV when piped through the digital audio optical connector between it and the Jensen. Similar for radio. The Alpine KTP-445U fits in the dead space behind where the Jensen mounts in the wall at the doorway. Speakers can now be cranked up to what sounds like 4x louder. The sound quality is much better even at softer volumes. I also separated the main speakers from the bedroom speakers and placed on separate zones. For some reason Tiffin had both wired to Zone A and then the outdoor speaker bar hooked up to Zone B. I now have Zone A for the main area, Zone B for the bedroom, and Zone C set up for the outdoor TV speaker bar. Zones A&B go through the Alpine head unit. Perfection inside the rig now!

As for the Sprinter cab, I already had the Kenwood DNX994S in dash Nav system installed, but the Mercedes-Benz door speakers and tweeters in the upper dash are hard to hear clearly if you are not idling at an intersection. Cranking up the volume just makes these cheap paper factory speakers sound tinny and the road noise still drowns them out.

I upgraded all the speakers with Focal Expert PS 165FX, added a JL Audio 8W3v3-4 subwoofer, and powered it with a Kenwood XR401-4 Power Amplifier. The amp and the subwoofer actually fit under the passenger seat base even after other mods I've made previously. Now the cab of the Sprinter sounds perfect at all volume levels regardless if I'm sitting at rest or moving down the road at full speed.

Thought I'd share given all these units come pretty much the same from Mercedes-Benz and the RV manufacturers when it comes to sound systems. What a difference these upgrades have made.


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