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Default Excessive soot on the stove gas burner

It is not a big deal - just annoying while cleaning the stove.
And it is only on one of the burners - the further one.
We have refilled the propane - still same - the back burner produces more than normal soot amount.
Any ideas/ thoughts where to look to "fix" this appreciated.
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Default Re: Excessive soot on the stove gas burner

Soot results from not enough air or too much fuel.

High altitude operation?

I'm not familiar with what appliance you have.

In general a burner jet assembly may include some sort of air supply configuration. Check for spider nests, food bits, or other air blockage.

If all are burners are a bit rich (sooty) and just one worse, it may be worth checking the system gas pressure. Too much pressure into a fixed orifice can result in a rich mixture.

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Default Re: Excessive soot on the stove gas burner

You need to remove the drawer (small screws on the side rails near the front of the drawer) to get access to clear out what is restricting the air into the burner. You might get lucky removing the top cover of the burner with tiny torx wrench and blow backwards with compressed air.
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