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Default T1N Two Piece Fan Shroud

I have always been a GM guy until I bought a Sprinter. From 1958 thru the early 80's, GM used a one piece fan shroud which drove me crazy. Every time you needed to work on the front of an engine, you had to man-handle the one piece fan shroud out. In the 80's, I think, GM design team woke up and made a two piece fan shroud which they still use today. After I had to replace the idler pulleys and belt tensioner, I decided my Sprinter needed a two piece fan shroud. Check the photos first. Here are my steps:

1)remove shroud
2)decide where you want to make the cuts
3)cut 4 pieces of aluminum angle
4)drill the two pieces and bolt them together, one pair for each side
5)drill two mounting holes on each aluminum piece
6)mark mounting holes on the shroud and drill
7)then pop rivet the two upper pieces in place
8)now use the upper pieces for a guide to cut the shroud
9)pop rivet the two lower pieces to the shroud
10)bolt the upper and lower aluminum pieces together and you're done

I used metric bolts to maintain continuity in tolls. For the lower bracket, I used Riv-Nuts or Nut-serts. That way you don't have to deal with nuts on the bottom side. I'm sure there a many out there that can improve on what I did, but it works for me. It sure saves a lot of time working on the front side of the motor.
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Default Re: T1N Two Piece Fan Shroud

You are the Man, Skill! Good job!
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Default Re: T1N Two Piece Fan Shroud

Also, see these thread for alternative method:


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Default Re: T1N Two Piece Fan Shroud

Needing access to the water pump and its removal for a leak (another story), the OM612 requires unclipping the plastic fuel lines to access 2 of the water pump bolts. Using the radiator pushout technique, I was able to get the shroud about 1/2 up. But working thru and around it was just too much of a pain. So I cut.

I decided to go for the most access - so I cut near the middle - here is how it looks:

I did not want to create more effort to reinstall or remove with screws or clamps. So I used some old bumper material left over from my son's Mazda after hitting a deer. I selected a crease, and cut out two flanges. These flanges make it easy to slide the top part of the shroud over the bottom part and stablize both sides.

The top part's clips are still used - see to the left of the picture:

Lots of clearance inside the shroud:
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Default Re: T1N Two Piece Fan Shroud

Nice modification.

I like the cut in place, and especially the slip/wedge fit design of the joint.

Your 2 piece fan shroud joint should also help with future access to the belt tensioner and other parts.

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Default Re: T1N Two Piece Fan Shroud

Brilliant! Smarter than Merc
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