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Default Re: OEM Cruise Control install retrofit upgrade add

Originally Posted by cosman2001@mac.com View Post
I already have a wire in 52. What now?
Verify you're working with:
(a) the correct connector
(b) the correct pin numbers in the service manual (they're different for the 2003-and-earlier (called "Non-OBD" in the service manual) compared to the 2004-and-later).

There was a thread a couple of years ago that had the same issue.

(now i'll go look up the color codes to figure out what you're seeing)
added: You have an "except OBD" Sprinter.
The blue wire should go in C2 pin 20 (note that it's less than 26)
I have drawn a red line through the numbers you should ignore:


added: WHAT YEAR IS YOUR SPRINTER???? (putting it in your sig block would help)

p.s. i see only 26 pins on the connector you're holding... how do you get "52"?
Let me guess: your ECM had 5 connectors, didn't it?
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Default Re: OEM Cruise Control install retrofit upgrade add

I was actually counting incorrectly. I thought 46 started after the bigger round hole. Turns out 46 is the big round hole.

I had to later abort the install because I messed up my crimping of the pin bushings and they wouldn't fit in the holes correctly.

I also think the wires should be 18" or 24" initially from the steering column connector. After routing these to the ECU it is a tight fit without much free play. Would rather cut after proper routing.

The new wires I have are not copper. I don't know if this makes a huge difference but thought I would mention it.

Attached some pics during the install of the ECU.

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